Julia Shaw to star at CEBIT 2018: "Our memory can be manipulated"

"I remember it like it was yesterday." Well, maybe not, for as memory hacker Dr. Julia Shaw knows from her own research, human memory can be manipulated. In June 2018, the London-based memory researcher and criminal psychologist will be showing CEBIT attendees how this works and what it means.

05 Oct. 2017
Dr. Julia Shaw

Shaw will be speaking on the Grand Central Stage in Hall 27 at the CEBIT Artificial Intelligence Summit on Wednesday, 13 June.

In 2015, Shaw published a study on false memories that put her career on a stellar path. Using the power of suggestion, she convinced test subjects that they had experienced various emotional events – even committed crimes – which had in fact never happened. Julia Shaw is now commonly dubbed a "memory hacker", and her book "The Memory Illusion" is an international bestseller.

In the course of her work and talks, Shaw shares fun and efficient techniques for processing the vast amounts of information with which we are bombarded. She examines the concepts of identity and diversity and offers answers to questions that have heightened importance in the digital age. Questions like: What memories am I basing my decisions on? How reliable is my memory? How can fake news affect our memory and our behavior? Or: Will artificial intelligence supplement or replace our memory?

Dr. Julia Shaw was born in Cologne, Germany, in 1987 and works as a research associate in the Department of Psychology at University College London (UCL), where she conducts research in criminal psychology, memory and artificial intelligence. In 2017, she started a company in Silicon Valley that uses artificial intelligence to try and combat workplace discrimination. Alongside her research, Dr. Shaw advices police, the military, justice officials and businesses in English and German-speaking countries on preventing common memory mistakes and making the most of our faulty memory.

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