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Software AG and Vodafone present our interconnected world

About two years from now there could be as many as 50 billion things connected to the Internet. Cellphones, tablets, traffic lights, cars, machinery, insulin pumps and aircraft engines are just the beginning. The Internet of Things is connecting the world, and is on the verge of totally transforming it. This will open up new value creation opportunities for companies from all industries.

24 Nov. 2017
Internet of Things

Hannover. That's according to recent studies, which suggest that up to 85 percent of all companies will be using IoT applications by as soon as 2020. So it's hardly surprising that the Internet of Things will be at the top of the agenda at CEBIT 2018, Europe's business festival for innovation and digitization. Enterprise software provider Software AG and telecommunications giant Vodafone will be among the companies using the show to present real-world IoT applications.

Software AG to showcase IoT applications for smart homes and smart factories

Software AG is an IoT technology leader, and its showcase at CEBIT 2018 will focus mainly on innovative IoT application scenarios. The German-based company will present applications ranging from smart devices for smart homes to technologies for tomorrow's digitally integrated factories. "We were on board with CEBIT's new format for the summer of 2018 right from the outset. As a festival of digital innovations, the show is now the perfect platform for new disruptive business models," commented CEO and management board chairman Karl-Heinz Streibich. "Our specialty is the Internet of Things – a field of technology which, over the next few years, will fundamentally change the way people live and work. One example of our work in this area is our involvement in ADAMOS, an alliance of world-leading machine manufacturers that is mapping out the future of digital production. We will be demonstrating the immense potential of IoT technologies at CEBIT with an extensive lineup of amazing showcases."

Vodafone to profile mobile IoT

Of course, as Vodafone Germany CEO Dr. Hannes Ametsreiter points out, realizing the full potential of the Internet of Things will not be possible without high-performance networks to support the high data rates involved. "Making the Internet of Things a reality will necessitate massive investment in state-of-the-art fiber-optic technology. But then, the IoT is also mobile, which is why we are already pushing ahead at full speed with the development of the 5G mobile telephony standard. 5G and its extremely low latencies are vital to real-time communication and hence applications like autonomous driving." On the subject of CEBIT, Ametsreiter believes the revamped format is an important opportunity to stage technology in an even more emotionally engaging way. "By reinventing itself, CEBIT is now ready to take on the future. As a mobile phone company, we welcome the opportunity to help shape the new CEBIT and thus to play a key role in securing its position as Europe's leading platform for innovation and digitization," said Ametsreiter.

IoT is the backbone of digitization – and one of the keynote themes at CEBIT 2018

The Internet or Things offers enormous potential for global economic growth and is therefore rightly one of the keynote themes at CEBIT 2018. "The world is becoming increasingly connected. It's a fast-moving trend that is opening up major opportunities for new business models," commented Oliver Frese, Chairman of the Managing Board at Deutsche Messes, the owner and organizer of CEBIT. "IoT is the backbone of digitization, and with Software AG and Vodafone as exhibitors, we now have two global technology leaders to champion it at CEBIT."

d!talk stage: Dr. Ina Schieferdecker to put IoT to the test

As well as being a keynote theme in CEBIT's exhibition lineup, IoT will feature extensively in the show's conference program. Among its biggest highlights will undoubtedly be a presentation by Dr. Ina Schieferdecker, Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (Fraunhofer FOKUS), Berlin. Professor Schieferdecker develops automated testing systems and is engaged in many areas of research. Most recently, she has been looking into the ways in which networking technologies contribute to the digital transformation of society, industry and living in general. On Tuesday, 12 June, she will be taking the Expert Stage in Hall 13 to give a presentation on current challenges in relation to the use of IoT applications. "The industrial Internet of Things, machine-to-machine communication, fog/edge/cloud and mobile computing and data analytics are giving rise to completely new generations of critical infrastructures which pose enormous challenges in terms of engineering input and security technologies," she explained.

IoT as a core growth market

The Internet of Things is in fact one of the core growth markets for the entire technology sector. The general consensus among experts and commentators is that it will bring radical change to entire industries, to companies and to society as a whole. The Internet of Things is expected to really take off over the next several years, giving rise to billions in new sales and additional connected devices. Moreover, the "things" making up the IoT of the future will increasingly be self-thinking and self-learning objects that are capable of dynamically modifying their own behavior. Predictive analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence are the basis for a new generation of IoT applications, including predictive maintenance, medical diagnostics, self-driving cars and robotics, plus a whole array of technologies for augmenting human intelligence.

About Software AG

Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) helps companies with their digital transformation. With Software AG's Digital Business Platform, companies can better interact with their customers and bring them on new ‘digital' journeys, promote unique value propositions, and create new business opportunities. In the Internet of Things (IoT) market, Software AG enables enterprises to integrate, connect and manage IoT components as well as analyze data and predict future events based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Digital Business Platform is built on decades of uncompromising software development, IT experience and technological leadership. Software AG has more than 4,500 employees, is active in 70 countries and had revenues of €872 million in 2016. For further information, visit:


At CEBIT 2018, everything is geared to generating business, leads and bright ideas. CEBIT is a triple-punch event covering everything essential to the digitization of business, government and society. The innovations on display in the d!conomy section of the show give IT professionals and decision-makers, trade and the public sector the tools they need to streamline and futureproof their operations. The event’s d!tec showcase puts the spotlight on developers and startups. The d!talk conference program features visionaries, lateral thinkers, creatives and experts . The d!campus is heart of CEBIT –relaxed networking, street food and live music. The first day of CEBIT 2018 – Monday, 11 June – is reserved for conference attendees and journalists, with the exhibition opening on Tuesday, 12 June. The exhibition halls will be open Tuesday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., with the d!campus staying open till 11 p.m. Opening hours on Friday are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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