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Trendspots: Discover the product innovations of CEBIT – No. 7

WaaS up?! acmeo GmbH is hooking up with the application virtualization specialist Virtualaze at CEBIT 2018 to announce plans of becoming distribution partners. As the latest addition to the acmeo product portfolio, the Virtualaze solution offers a high-performance platform for cloud infrastructures.

08 Jun. 2018

WaaS up?!
acmeo GmbH is hooking up with the application virtualization specialist Virtualaze at CEBIT 2018 to announce plans of becoming distribution partners. As the latest addition to the acmeo product portfolio, the Virtualaze solution offers a high-performance platform for cloud infrastructures.

acmeo, the multi-award-winning specialist distributor of managed services, infrastructure organization and cloud products, provides IT companies throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland with innovative cloud solutions, infrastructure software, training packages and comprehensive value-added services. After concluding a distribution agreement with the global supplier of IT application virtualization solutions Virtualaze, acmeo is now at CEBIT to reveal the latest addition to its product portfolio - a high-performance platform for cloud infrastructures.

acmeo has brought the Unify and UnifyPlus products from Virtualaze on board to meet the rapidly increasing demands for Workplace as a Service (WaaS) solutions. Stefan Steuer, Head of Business Development at acmeo, highlights the benefits for IT infrastructure companies: "We are focusing on providing our partners with an end-to-end value-added services concept that will enable them to enhance everyday business operations. The Virtualaze products will help IT infrastructure companies to enter or bolster their position on the growing WaaS market." Commenting on the upward trend in the WaaS sector, Klaus Maier, the founder and CEO of Virtualaze, couldn’t agree more: "We expect to see exponential growth in the next twelve months, particularly in the field of virtualization and distribution of Windows applications. We are therefore very much looking forward to working with acmeo and unlocking this new potential."
acmeo GmbH (30539 Hannover, Germany), Hall 13, Stand E44
Contact: Udo Schillings
Tel.: +49 511 515151-28

At the flick of a switch!
AGFEO has chosen CEBIT 2018 to demonstrate a range of solutions including the innovative SmartHomeServer, which can network different smart home devices - enabling customers to visualize and operate all switch and logic functions from one single system.

Smart home technology quickly shot to the top of everyone’s wish list, but the hype now seems to have abated. This is partly due to the huge number of branded systems, which completely overwhelms us with choice before we even get started. That’s why AGFEO set out to develop a solution that offers customers the freedom to combine different technologies and simply fit their homes with whichever smart devices they like. Visitors to CEBIT 2018 can now get an in-depth insight into the fruits of the company's hard labor - the SmartHomeServer.

This innovative solution allows homeowners to connect different smart home devices and thereby visualize and operate all sorts of switch and logic functions from one centralized system. For example, battery-free switches from the EnOcean system can now be seamlessly combined with reliable KNX technology, or customers can simply expand existing systems with wireless components from the HomeMatic range. AGFEO plans to integrate the SmartHomeServer into each AGFEO ES communication system so that three sensors (inputs) and three actuators (outputs) can be used straight away on each device, and further functions can be added if desired. This combination of telephone system and SmartHomeServer functions creates one centralized building control unit. This neatly eliminates any need for separate alarm servers, visualization software or other additional components. To top it all off, a cloud subscription is no longer required, which also enables users to keep all their data where it belongs - safely at home.
AGFEO GmbH & Co. KG (33647 Bielefeld, Germany), Hall 13, Stand D64
Contact: Niko Timm
Tel.: +49 521 44 70 96 74

It's not rocket science!
In light of increasingly stringent health and safety rules, it seemed as if exciting school physics experiments were a thing of the past. But the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz is at CEBIT to show how schoolchildren can once again explore the wonders of science - thanks to virtual reality.

The working group headed by Prof. Klaus Wendt from the Institute of Physics at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) is attending CEBIT 2018 to discuss the fascinating topic of "Teaching physics in the digital world - virtual reality experiments". The group is looking at how to simulate complex school physics experiments in a 3D digital teaching format - with a little help from virtual reality. The aim is to enable schoolchildren to carry out experiments that are otherwise too complicated, dangerous or expensive to be conducted in the classroom.

The budding physicists will even be allowed to take challenging experiments "home" to better prepare or follow up on aspects they didn’t understand in class. According to JGU, the virtual reality experiments (VRE) can be conducted on any digital teaching device, such as tablets, interactive whiteboards, laptops or PCs. There are also plans to use the app for adult learners and at blended learning events hosted at JGU.

The VRE concept has already been honored on numerous occasions for its innovative prowess. In 2015, for example, the project was deemed a "Place of Excellence in the Land of Ideas" under the motto "City, Country, Network - Innovations for a Digital World". In the same year, the team was one of just 16 finalists in the EU's Technology Enhanced Learning Leading to Unique Stories (TELL US) competition. Prior to this, in 2014, the project was also nominated for the German eLearning Innovation and Young Talent Award.
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (55122 Mainz, Germany),Hall 27, Stand G76, co-exhibitor with IMG Innovations-Management
Contact: Prof. Dr. Klaus Wendt
Tel.: +49 6131 39-25952

Driving forward innovation
e.GO Mobile AG is pulling out all the stops at CEBIT 2018 to showcase its e.GO Mover electric minibus and e.GO Life city car among a whole range of new urban mobility solutions.

There's certainly no shortage of competitive electromobility solutions. There are highly exclusive pioneers such as Tesla - but their vehicles come with a hefty price tag. Then there are the established automotive companies that - with a few exceptions - win over customers by retrofitting and upgrading tried-and-tested technology rather than pursuing real innovation. And even these electrical mobility solutions cost a great deal more than their conventional engine-powered counterparts. But this is where e.Go Mobile AG breaks the mold. Prof. Günther Schuh, who founded the company in 2015 as a spin-off from RWTH Aachen University, has already proven with his StreetScooter how avoiding well-trodden and, above all, costly paths can drive forward electromobility.

e.GO is appearing at CEBIT 2018 to showcase the entire range of projects its now 200-strong workforce is conducting in agile teams, including the compact e.GO Life city car and the e.GO Mover electric minibus for driving short-distances. Particularly the former is demonstrating the connected services that can be achieved even in a low-cost electric vehicle. Both were designed with minimum cost and maximum convenience for the customer in mind - an unheard-of combination on the electromobility market. e.GO Digital GmbH - the digitization branch of e.GO Mobile AG - is also on hand to demonstrate its specially developed cloud-based on-demand solutions for inner-city travel of the future.
e.GO Mobile AG (52074 Aachen, Germany), Hall 25, Stand A27
Contact: Alexandra Meltzow-Altmeyer
Tel.: +49 241 475 74 145

Let's talk about communication!
innovaphone AG, which specializes in IP telephony and unified communications, judged d!campus at CEBIT 2018 the perfect setting to unveil its new V13 firmware. The company is keen to explore potential future collaborations with customers and technology partners at the event.

innovaphone AG is keen to reprise its 2017 "communicate. connect. collaborate" slogan at this year's CEBIT, as the new trade fair concept hones in on the third of these aspects, above all. "At this year's CEBIT, we want to seize the opportunity to actively engage with our business partners and end customers. This is of great importance to us, particularly in times of extreme market volatility. We are also providing an initial insight into our new V13 firmware, addressing the flexible workspace and communication technology of the future," comments Dagmar Geer, CEO of innovaphone AG.

The company is eager to gain feedback on this new firmware and its applications from the numerous software developers across Europe who have collaborated with innovaphone AG over the past few years. "We are still open to the idea of establishing new tech-focused collaborations that would seamlessly and effectively complement our product portfolio with standardized interfaces," adds Geer.
innovaphone AG (71065 Sindelfingen, Germany), open-air site, Stand Q56
Contact: Dr. Petra Wanner-Meyer
Tel.: +49 7031 73009 631

Breathtaking light spectacle in the skies over Hannover
Intel is working with Deutsche Messe AG to present the Intel CEBIT Drone Park. Daily flight shows and live demos at the open-air site are showcasing the huge range of practical applications for these compact flying machines - and their extraordinary entertainment potential.

The open-air site is the venue for daily flight shows and live demos designed to show visitors the many things drones can do. Among the exhibits is a model oil rig that sets the scene for just some of the spectacular potential uses for unmanned aerial vehicles. And "spectacular" is certainly the right word if you check out the full program for the Drone Park. Take the Volocopter, for instance - the world's first fully electric vertical take-off aircraft with official authorization for manned flights. Developed with support from the U.S. computer chip giant Intel, its inventors at German startup E-Volo predict the Volocopter will one day be as common a sight in our cities as taxis are today. Could this finally be the solution, as E-Volo says, to save megacities from descending into traffic chaos at rush hour? Brian Krzanich, the first official passenger in a Volocopter air taxi, certainly agreed after his inaugural flight in Dubai in 2017, saying: "That was fantastic. That was the best flight I have ever had. Everybody will fly one of these someday."

Besides these purely pragmatic approaches, the Intel Drone Park at CEBIT 2018 in Hannover also has plenty of impressive sights to take in. At around 10.10 p.m. each day from Tuesday through Thursday, a specially choreographed CEBIT "Intel Drone Light Show" is taking to the skies over the d!Campus that's guaranteed to stop visitors in their tracks. How can we be so sure? Well, the 300 LED-adorned mini drones of the Intel "Shooting Star" fleet already have an impressive track record, having dazzled crowds at the Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang and in front of the Hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas.
Intel Deutschland GmbH (85579 Neubiberg, Germany), Hall 13, Stand C33 and open-air site, Stand Q62
Contact: Christina Völklein
Tel.: +49 911 474950

Management by thumb
Bissantz & Company is bringing its new DeltaApp for iOS to CEBIT 2018. The mobile version of the tried-and-tested DeltaMaster software uses patented processes to pare down information and give decision-makers a clear overview of key data.

Established in 1996, the owner-operated software house Bissantz & Company focuses first and foremost on demanding data analysis, planning and reporting tasks. The jewel in its crown is DeltaMaster, a business intelligence software package used by companies of all shapes and sizes across virtually all sectors. Besides automating commercial analyses, Bissantz prides itself on perfecting the visual presentation of reports and cockpits. Now, at CEBIT 2018 in Hannover, the company is showcasing a business intelligence application for iOS that boasts truly innovative data navigation – the DeltaApp.

The app combines data navigation with variance analysis and performance management - all set out in the clearest display imaginable. The idea behind it is simple: Anything that won’t fit onto a smartphone-sized screen is unlikely to catch the attention of managers constantly bombarded with data. The patented “haptic reasoning” of the DeltaApp organizes all operating sequences so that a simple swipe of the thumb displays the most relevant facts and figures for a logical commercial approach in any given scenario. This is achieved using patented Bissantz’Numbers, the two-color logic and AI heuristics for variance analyses, which were previously available only in DeltaMaster. DeltaApp uses ready-made transformations to process data from all typical ERP systems for a quick set-up without cumbersome data warehouse projects. “Whether you’re at the wheel of a car or a management dashboard, you can't allow yourself to be distracted! You need to shut out any irrelevant interference. DeltaApp strips down our DeltaMaster solution to the absolute essentials for data-based company management - delivering a simple, dependable and easily understandable solution," explains the Head of Sales at Bissantz, Michael Nordhausen.
Bissantz & Company (90409 Nuremberg, Germany), Hall 16, Stand C18
Contact: Petra Heinrich
Tel.: +49 911 935536 0

Reality is a matter of perception
The Israeli company Humaneyes Technologies is exhibiting the latest generation of its virtual reality camera at CEBIT. The star attraction is the first camera of its type designed to give VR virtuosos, filmmakers and video and production industry pros everything they need for VR shooting in one complete package.

Humaneyes Technologies (HET) is a pioneer of 3D modeling and VR technology. Since it was established in Israel in 2000, HET has registered more than 70 patents relating to 3D technology and has had its sights firmly set on the growth potential of the VR market. From the very outset, HET has aimed to bring simple recording and editing solutions for VR content to both experienced video pros and potential new customers. Now HET is attending CEBIT 2018 to showcase the Vuze+ VR camera - the latest generation of its 3D 360-degree virtual reality camera.

With a recommended retail price of 1,195 euros, the new camera is primarily aimed at prosumers, who can use the Vuze+ VR camera to shoot, produce and share VR content within a system. The camera incorporates versatile recording functions to meet the highest demands and the system includes Vuze VR studio editing software and access to the Humaneyes Zone, an industry-leading VR platform where users can stream and share their VR content easily via a link. "The VR camera market has steadily grown, but only a few cameras allow users to shoot in true VR with 3D video," explains Humaneyes Technologies CEO, Shahar Bin-Nun, adding: "There has not, so far, been a way for users to easily share their VR footage, which has been the key missing component in helping drive VR adoption. The Vuze+ VR camera addresses this issue and expands the VR ecosystem from true VR capture to production and consumption, allowing anyone to create and share truly breathtaking immersive VR experiences."
Humaneyes Technologies Ltd. (9085000 Neve Ilan, Israel), Hall 26, Stand E33
Contact: Konstantin L. Kasakov
Tel.: +49 211 960 817 95

Learning the lingo
DM Dokumenten Management GmbH is at CEBIT 2018 to exhibit ingenious innovations for document management systems, enterprise content management and enterprise information management.

If you've ever looked into electronic systems for managing and providing data and documents, you're sure to have come across the three acronyms DMS, ECM and EIM. But whether you're talking about a document management system, enterprise content management or enterprise information management, there are so many similarities that state-of-the-art systems usually cover all three - and often even more besides. One of the European companies leading the way in the DMS sector is - rather appropriately - DM Dokumenten Management GmbH, and the German company is bringing a whole host of innovations to CEBIT 2018.

At the very heart of its portfolio is lobodms, a fully fledged DMS with all the key functionalities. Based on cutting-edge technology, it is one of the most innovative products currently on the market, helping businesses avoid mountains of paper and providing sound solutions for improving working processes. By supporting rapid access and automatically archiving scanned and digital documents, it saves time and money. The lobo team at CEBIT 2018 is particularly keen to highlight the benefits that lobodms offers auditors, lawyers and tax advisers. The company is also exhibiting solutions based on SharePoint, such as loboSPhere and Collaboration meets ECM. DM Dokumenten Management GmbH is even addressing digital invoice verification based on lobotalk technology, the company's solution for defining and designing processes that is built on the BPMN 2.0 standard.
DM Dokumenten Management GmbH (82178 Puchheim, Germany), Hall 15, Stand F38
Contact: Walter Obholzer
Tel.: +49 89 800613 33

“It'll be fine” just doesn't cut it anymore!
intec GmbH has its full range of innovative testing and measurement technology on show at CEBIT 2018 - including the latest generation of the popular Argus combi testers, which are already being used to good effect by numerous European network operators.

With the expansion of broadband networks continuing to power forward around the world, network operators need testing and measurement equipment that can keep pace with ever-evolving transmission technology. With 30 years of experience under its belt, intec GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of telecommunications measuring technology in Europe and beyond. The renowned ARGUS product range makes it much easier for technicians to carry out their daily work, such as physical checks and troubleshooting on twisted cores, on xDSL and fiber-optic connections and on Ethernet and Ethernet-based triple-play services. Taking center stage at the intec stand is the new generation of the widely used Argus combi testers. These robust all-rounders are already proving their worth with scores of major European network operators.

Regular upgrades geared toward the breakneck pace of technological progress in the sector make the ARGUS testers even more futureproof and versatile than before. The portfolio of xDSL interfaces includes ADSL, SHDSL,, VDSL2 Annex Q (profile 35b, super vectoring) and VDSL2 bonding (up to profile 35b). Ethernet performance tests at GigE level such as loop, traffic generator and RFC2544 can also be carried out on fiber-based interfaces (FTTx, GPON). Combined with the ARGUS Copper Box cable multimeter extension, the spectrum analysis for xDSL and WLAN, WLAN-Scan, triple play tests (data, VoIP, IPTV) and much more, intec’s devices are the only testers worldwide to offer such a broad range. Companies that want to play it safe opt for the ARGUS 166. This all-rounder pools all the latest standards in one multifunctional, handy and intuitive device. "Our ARGUS testers are versatile and optimize daily procedures", says Dennis Zoppke, Product Manager at intec. "We're looking forward to impressing our customers with the excellent performance of our products."
intec Gesellschaft für Informationstechnik mbH (58507 Lüdenscheid, Germany), Hall 13, Stand E47
Contact: Dennis Zoppke
Tel.: +49 2351 9070-0

Fly me to the moon
Vodafone GmbH is going big at CEBIT 2018, with two exciting events on VR and 5G that are sure to provide an entertaining, interactive and informative spectacle of grand proportions.

Düsseldorf-based Vodafone GmbH is pulling out all the stops for the new-look CEBIT 2018. Besides providing serious info on everything from the digital workplace and digital business processes to IoT and 5G, the telecoms expert is also putting on the kind of show that turns a world-leading IT trade fair like CEBIT into a fully fledged Festival for Innovation and Digitization. For instance, visitors to the Vodafone VR Dome can take a virtual journey through all the industrial revolutions - from early industrialization right through to Industry 4.0 - and discover how the Internet of Things is set to completely transform industry yet again. This captivating journey ends in spectacular fashion with a virtual shuttle flight to the moon to watch the first extraterrestrial mobile network being set up.

But that's not all. Vodafone is also giving CEBIT visitors the opportunity to operate a 30-meter construction crane remotely - from a staggering 300 kilometers away! While the controls are located right next to the d!campus at CEBIT, the "driverless" crane is far, far away, in Aldenhoven. The demonstration only works thanks to the kind of superfast mobile networks that 5G is set to bring. In the future, this cutting-edge Vodafone technology might well help overcome the lack of specially trained crane operators by enabling operators to control multiple cranes at various sites on the same day from one control center. The crane remote control system is part of the digital construction site, which Vodafone is unveiling for the first time in Hannover.
Vodafone GmbH (40549 Düsseldorf, Germany), Pavilions P32 and P33
Contact: Caren Altpeter
Tel.: +49 211 533 6298
Mobil: +49 174 162 08 82

At the fair for the fair
The startup company Memanto is showcasing a variety of ingenious solutions at CEBIT 2018 that could make many aspects of event and trade fair planning much easier for companies.

CEBIT in Hannover is an event that boasts global appeal and a leading role in the IT sector worldwide. But does anyone really have a clear idea of just how many fairs have similar focus points? Does anyone know where they are, when they take place and how to get in touch if you want to exhibit? And what about other industries and sectors? Where is the place to be? The team behind Memanto asked themselves the same questions before channeling their curiosity into a stellar business concept in 2016. The entrepreneurs are now at CEBIT 2018 to unveil a range of solutions designed to make trade fair planning much easier in a whole variety of ways.

Besides comprehensive fair databases, a user-friendly service provider search engine, helpful city guides and a comparison engine for quotations, what really stands out in the Memanto portfolio is its online configurator. The configurator offers an astounding view into the future, using VR to help users both configure and "visit" trade fair stands and to present layout options as realistically as possible to aid the design process. Memanto's solution is all about helping trade fair planners put their ideas into practice and let their creativity run free, right down the finest details of stand furniture, fixtures and fittings. Naturally, Memanto has made sure the designs can actually be put into practice - all the stand options have been created by experienced architects.
Memanto UG (30159 Hannover, Germany), Hall 27, Stand E37/1
Contact: Alesja Alewelt
Tel.: +49 511 8745 9294

AI you can cuddle
CEBIT 2018 is proving to be a draw for world-famous stars - including Pepper. This popular humanoid robot is already designed to recognize the mood of the people it interacts with based on their tone of voice and facial expressions. Now its creator, SoftBank Robotics, is taking things even further with a new software development kit.

Remember the Tribbles? They are the cute, fluffy lifeforms of Star Trek fame that once won the hearts of the crew on board the Starship Enterprise - although they failed to impress the resident Vulcan. While "Bones" McCoy thought they were nice, soft and furry, and particularly liked their pleasant sound, Spock retorted in his typical logical manner that you could achieve the same effect with "an ermine violin, but I see no advantage in having one." But let's get back to Pepper. As Europe’s Business Festival for Innovation and Digitization, the new CEBIT is the ideal place to show that fun and business are not mutually exclusive – and that Pepper can do much more than just kindle our maternal or paternal instincts, thanks to the recent integration of a multi chatbot.

The developers behind Pepper work at SoftBank Robotics, one of the world's leading robotics innovators. Employing more than 500 staff in Paris, Tokyo, San Francisco, Boston and Shanghai, the company has already manufactured more than 20,000 NAO and Pepper robots that are being put to good use in education, retail, healthcare and tourism environments in over 70 countries. The team at SoftBank Robotics is now exhibiting a new software development kit at CEBIT 2018 designed to help users create customized Android apps for Pepper.
SoftBank Robotics Europe SAS (75015 Issy-les-Moulineaux, France), Hall 17, Stand B44 (main stand)
Contact: Philippe Amann
Tel.: + 33 177 371 752

The trinity of modern work - flexibility, mobility, security!
MobileIron is collaborating with nine software and consulting partners to showcase the foundation of state-of-the-art working processes at CEBIT 2018 - solutions for unified endpoint management, threat defense, and centralized mobile authentication.

The working world is constantly changing - sometimes very subtly and sometimes (like right now) with breathtaking speed. These days, the data we work with is increasingly shifting from local data centers and company equipment to mobile devices and cloud services. As a result, it passes through networks that traditional IT systems are unable to monitor satisfactorily. "This situation creates an unprecedented productivity gain, but it also requires a new security concept," says Peter Machat, VP EMEA Central of MobileIron. MobileIron is confident it can meet the demands of the new world of work with its solutions for unified endpoint management, cloud security, threat defense and authentication.

The company is at CEBIT 2018 to showcase its technology and present a 360-degree overview of modern working practices alongside its implementation partners. Exhibiting under the slogan "Secure & Easy-to-use Modern Work", MobileIron is setting out how a three-level access check (MobileIron Access) can ensure that only trusted users can access corporate data on trusted devices and with trusted apps.
MobileIron International, Inc. (81541 Munich, Germany), Hall 13, Stand 32
Contact: Marina Baader
Tel.: +49 89 45207500

All in white
...but no bouquet, as Snom takes to CEBIT 2018 to showcase its skills as a specialist for VoIP business telephony and business communications. Besides a range of elegant white telephones, the Berlin-based company is also exhibiting additional hardware solutions and its new "Snom as a Service" model.

Berlin-based Snom Technology GmbH is one of the world’s leading suppliers of premium VoIP business telephony and innovative business communications. Established in 1997, the company is a genuine pioneer of IP telephony, a reputation that Snom earned in 2001 as the first business to launch an IP telephone for general sale. Today, the product portfolio encompasses numerous models for virtually all uses - from call centers to boardrooms and conference rooms to secure plant zones. "Just like CEBIT, which is adopting a whole new look in 2018, we also hit the reset button 18 months ago," explained Gernot Sagl, CEO at Snom, in the run-up to the fair. "A look at the sales figures shows that all the hard work involved in this fresh start is really paying off for Snom. We're showcasing exciting innovations at CEBIT that are sure to have a big impact on the market."

One particular star attraction is the new range of elegant white telephones designed to slot seamlessly into any kind of working environment – even designer decor. Comprising the D785, D7, D735 and D715 models, the new range has something for everyone, from entry-level to high-end devices. The Snom D785 aims to cover all bases with its elegant design, integrated Bluetooth and its large high-resolution color display and practical second screen for dynamic contact management. Besides exhibiting countless hardware highlights, Snom is also in Hannover to promote its new partner program and the "Snom as a Service" model, which offers a budget-friendly alternative to buying or leasing telephones.
Snom Technology GmbH (13509 Berlin, Germany), Hall 13, Stand C84
Contact: Fabio Albanini
Tel.: +39 02 00611 212

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