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Trendspots: Discover the product innovations of CEBIT - No. 6

Online teamwork just got even better. The GRÜN Group is returning to CEBIT 2018 to show off its standard business solutions for charities, membership organizations, educational institutes, time management companies and the skilled trades. This year, the company is also celebrating the premiere of its web-based social software.

05 Jun. 2018

Online teamwork just got even better
The GRÜN Group is returning to CEBIT 2018 to show off its standard business solutions for charities, membership organizations, educational institutes, time management companies and the skilled trades. This year, the company is also celebrating the premiere of its web-based social software.

GRÜN Software AG is one of the many companies eager to accompany CEBIT down its new path and take part in Europe's biggest business festival for innovation and digitization. The company is seizing the fantastic opportunity at CEBIT 2018 to showcase new solutions and the innovative functions of its sector-specific software. Visitors can learn about the many updates to its products GRÜN VEWA7, GRÜN eVEWA3, GRÜN mVEWA and GRÜN spendino, and explore new developments in its range of time management and access control solutions.

GRÜN Software AG just launched its GRÜN.SOCIAL web-based social software platform for businesses and organizations at the start of this year. This latest addition to the product portfolio is designed to provide all the functions required for any organization or business to collaborate effectively online. "Without needing to make large investments, GRÜN.SOCIAL significantly enhances how members work together across organizations or businesses - for instance by making team discussions via mailing lists a thing of the past and providing a built-in interface for GRÜN software solutions," explains Dr. Oliver Grün, CEO of GRÜN Software AG, highlighting a key argument for using social collaboration software. Similar to popular social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, GRÜN.SOCIAL displays all relevant updates on a personalized pin board. What's more, an organization-wide diary is set to ensure no one misses those all-important meetings.
GRÜN Software AG (52076 Aachen, Germany), Hall 17, Stand D34
Contact: Dr. Oliver Grün
Tel.: +49 241 1890-0

Online office protection
Matrix42, which specializes in digital workspace software, has chosen CEBIT 2018 to unveil its new Automated Endpoint Security suite. The software module combines the tried-and-tested Matrix42 concept with the benefits of enSilo and SyncDog security solutions.

Despite all the firewalls, virus scanners, spambot protection and anti-phishing programs, many companies and organizations still fall victim to malware. Attacks such as WannaCry show time and again that traditional security concepts are often incapable of fending off hackers on all fronts. That’s why nipping successful attacks in the bud - in other words preventing malware and the consequent data theft from spreading as quickly as possible - can make or break a company. Matrix42 AG is at CEBIT 2018 to unveil its latest solution that can do precisely that - the new Automated Endpoint Security suite.

"We have combined our workspace management with the solutions from enSilo and SyncDog to offer an improved, cutting-edge, end-to-end security concept. We believe that digital workplaces call for special protection, as most cyber-attacks can be traced to an end device. We are bringing our new security solutions to CEBIT to show existing and potential customers how they can safeguard digital workspaces without hampering user productivity," says Oliver Bendig, CEO at Matrix42.
Matrix42 AG (60487 Frankfurt, Germany), Hall 15, Stand F58
Contact: Pia Gieltowski
Tel.: +49 69 667 73 83 80

Learning the easy way
The e-learning specialists from SupraTix GmbH are at CEBIT 2018 to celebrate the premiere of their new Smart Learning Environment, which is designed to help employees keep up with the digital transformation sweeping across the world of work.

The digital revolution has long since spread beyond machinery and production concepts. Even though many believe increased networking and automation will see human workers playing a smaller role, they are an important part of this development and will remain so for many years to come. But workers need targeted staff training and one-on-one support to ensure they have their say in the digitization process. This is exactly where SupraTix GmbH, an end-to-end supplier of e-learning solutions, comes in. Boasting its own smart learning platform and services for e-learning, educational communication, corporate publishing and HR marketing, SupraTix primarily focuses on corporations, museums and other educational institutes. The Dresden-based company judged CEBIT 2018 the perfect showcase to unveil its Smart Learning Environment, which it hails as a revolutionary learning experience.

This cutting-edge platform is set to put an end to run-of-the-mill web-based training, allowing customers to design creative and engaging e-learning packages in an instant. Following successful in-house trials, SupraTix is confident that workers – whose satisfaction and motivation are key for ensuring long-term learning success - will love training this way. The platform allows customers to create their own protected and powerful social intranet, and see how employees are getting on with tasks. What's more, issuing awards is easier and the solution can be used to host online competitions to keep employees motivated. In short, the Smart Learning Environment is set to enable companies - with a little help from artificial intelligence - overcome any HR-related challenge.
SupraTix GmbH (01067 Dresden, Germany), Hall 17, Stand D05
Contact: Jeannette Milius
Tel.: +49 351 33 948402

An optimized product for optimized processes
At CEBIT 2018, the ERP specialist Asseco Solutions is offering an exclusive preview of the new 6.4 version of APplus, which has been kitted out with a whole range of new smart functions.

For many years now, digital technology has been constantly improving planning and production processes in just about every sector. As a result, high quality products are often no longer a sufficient USP to win over customers. Additional aspects - such as efficiency and the quality of maintenance processes - are therefore becoming increasingly important in standing out from the crowd. With this in mind, Asseco Solutions AG has combined smart processes with its popular ERP software to optimize the relevant activities and help customers secure success in the digital era.

Visitors to CEBIT 2018 have the unique opportunity to discover the latest release of APplus (6.4), which rounds off the previous service module with numerous new functions. Dispatch companies, for example, will benefit from an intelligent service planning chart that incorporates, among other things, the availability from other ERP areas into the planning process. A mobile service app, meanwhile, will help on-site technicians with maintenance and documentation tasks. This latest interface from Asseco Solutions constitutes the first step toward upgrading the entire APplus operating structure for the next generation of software. The new design enables users to benefit from an improved and simplified interface structure right here and now - before the next major step optimizes operating logic toward greater flexibility and simplicity in overall operations.
Asseco Solutions AG (76227 Karlsruhe, Germany), Hall 17, Stand E16
Contact: Stephanie Miotto
Tel.: +49 721 91432-0

Please DO touch!
No longer dismissed as a pie-in-the-sky idea, the Internet of Things has long since become a reality affecting all sectors. Under the motto "Experience Everything", Software AG is inviting CEBIT visitors to explore its wide range of IoT solutions at eight interactive exhibits.

Anyone who's yet to experience the IoT in action can head straight to Software AG’s stand at CEBIT 2018, where the company is offering visitors the chance to design their own IoT in just a few minutes and test it out there and then. Under its slogan “Experience Everything”, Software AG – a market leader in IoT technology - is hosting short workshops to show visitors how easy the transition toward the IoT era can be. After that, visitors can visit any one of the company’s eight interactive exhibits to explore the capabilities of the IoT for themselves.

Be it smart power grids, intelligent garbage containers, parking management systems or networked street lighting - the innovative Software AG exhibits are as diverse as the IoT itself and the hands-on tasters are just as exciting. Participants at the Logistics 4.0 exhibit, for example, receive an internal order and need to operate a Lego crane via an iPad to select and deliver the goods. Those keen to dive even deeper into the digital world should head to the Virtual Reality exhibit, where they can try their hand at slacklining - on an iceberg off the coast of Greenland, no less.
Software AG (64297 Darmstadt, Germany), Hall 17, Stand C44
Contact: Bärbel Strothmann
Tel.: +49 6151 92 1502

A crystal ball that sees things clearly
In the 1990s, Oracle was one of the big hitters at CEBIT, with three-story stands towering over visitors. This year, the IT giant is making its comeback at CEBIT to show businesses how Oracle NetSuite can help them develop their visions and put them into practice.

Back in the 90s, when Oracle was still rocking CeBIT (with a small 'e', back then), NetSuite was emerging as a pioneer in cloud computing. In 1998, NetSuite was the first company in the world to focus entirely on providing business applications over the Internet. Today, NetSuite offers cloud-based software packages for accounting, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and omni-channel trade that it claims are being used by more than 40,000 businesses, organizations and subsidiaries in over 100 countries.

About 18 months ago, Oracle finally took over NetSuite, the first cloud company. The seasoned developers of cloud-based business management software now operate under the name Oracle NetSuite, and they are picking up where they left off at CEBIT 2018 in Hall 17. One thing is certain - they are sure to play their part in making Europe’s new Business Festival for Innovation and Digitization a great success. Among the intelligent solutions being exhibited by Oracle NetSuite are applications designed to effectively automate processes in customer relationship management (CRM) and human capital management (HCM). The US company also wants to show how it can use new local capacity and in-country teams to help its customers optimize the management of numerous branch offices with one standardized business platform. Ultimately, what Oracle NetSuite is offering its customers is nothing short of real-time global insight. If you want to see this "crystal ball 4.0" for yourself, the best place to be is Hannover.
ORACLE Deutschland B.V. & Co.KG (80992 Munich, Germany), Hall 17, Stand B50
Contact: Petra Nädler
Mobile: +49 174 395 28 63

Top tips for scouts, pathfinders and trackers
KPMG, a leading provider of audit and advisory services, is at CEBIT 2018 in Hannover to show businesses how they can safely and successfully navigate their way through a digitization jungle that feels like it's closing in on them.

Even though a trip to CEBIT 2018 is well advised, you don't have to come to Hannover to understand that the digital transformation is everywhere. There is pretty much no escaping it. But this fast-paced progress is by no means well ordered - see CEBIT for a smarter approach - and virtually every company is scrambling ahead in wild pursuit of digitization. You could well say it's a jungle out there, but unlike the actual rainforests of the world, this one is getting ever thicker - so much so it seems that nobody can really get through it.

Fortunately, appearances can be deceptive. KPMG, a global provider of audit and advisory services with a workforce of around 200,000 in 154 countries, wants to actively help companies come to grips with these new circumstances, understand where their strengths lie and, where necessary, develop new ones. That is why the Berlin office of KPMG is at CEBIT to demonstrate how companies can find their way out of the jungle with an experienced partner at their side. During summits, panels and keynote speeches at the stand and in the interactive talk show "KPMG Klardenker live", KPMG will be showing everyone how to clear a permanent path through the jungle of digital transformation. And how to do so on a virtually carbon-neutral basis.
KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft (10785 Berlin, Germany), Hall 27, Stand C88
Contact: Sabiha Dalis
Tel.: +49 30 20682839
Mobile: +49 160 297 72 97

We'll get you out of there!
AMAGNO aims to save companies from their analog working environment. The German software house specializing in enterprise content management solutions is using CEBIT 2018 to show how AMAGNO Living Documents Technology will shape the digital document experience of the future.

The developers at AMAGNO believe that the biggest challenge in digitization is overcoming a workforce's fear of change. That fear sometimes seems insurmountable - even when the benefits of digitization are as impressive as conventional working processes are frustrating. After all, according to AMAGNO, companies around the world lose a huge amount of time and productivity due to an ever-growing volume of lost files on network drives, impenetrable piles of paper and isolated email accounts. On top of all that, there are the additional challenges associated with regulations such as the GoBD in Germany and the EU's GDPR. AMAGNO is keen to deal with all these anxieties and shortcomings once and for all – with its Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software, which is on show at CEBIT in Hannover.

"The biggest effect of digitization for knowledge workers in offices is being able to access valuable information in their files, scanned documents and emails in a matter of seconds. What's more, all their documents are processed automatically in a legally compliant environment instead of having to be manually archived," says Jens Büscher, founder and CEO of AMAGNO. "We empower people through digitization to focus on their talents and unlock their potential. This is exactly where the benefits lie, despite people's fear of change. And this is where our approach comes in - digital documents must be so impressive that everyone wants to work with them, and doesn't just have to," continues Büscher.

Using AMAGNO Living Documents Technology, companies can import their network drives, scan paper documents and files, and merge relevant emails. AMAGNO analyzes the digital documents and presents them in a user-friendly large-format preview, while ensuring full-text recognition of each page. Users don’t have to do anything else to be able to search through every single word in all their documents, across millions of files - and in a matter of seconds. They can even use a keyboard shortcut to launch a search directly from other applications such as mail app or financial accounting software. AMAGNO displays the files it finds on screen in large format, and any terms found are highlighted. Users can also make notes on the digital documents by adding post-its or - when using a touchscreen display - digital handwritten comments, so that the digital document can be handled like an analog sheet of paper.
amagno GmbH & Co. KG (26129 Oldenburg, Germany), Hall 14, Stand H20
Contact: Jens Büscher
Tel.: +49 441 309 123 01
Mobile: +49 171 418 4217

The signs are looking good for digital advertising!
The new XDS-2790 Smart Signboard that IAdea is showcasing at CEBIT 2018 combines HD media playback with a robust design and commercial functionality in two versions for company-wide applications - a standalone public display model and an integrated model.

Jimmy Schaeffler, the author of a comprehensive briefing on digital signage, defined it succinctly as "a remotely managed digital display, typically tied in with sales, marketing, and advertising" and in more detailed terms as "a network of digital, electronic displays that are centrally managed and individually addressable for display of text, animated or video messages for advertising, information, entertainment, and merchandising to targeted audiences." The XDS-2790 Smart Signboard that digital signage specialist IAdea is bringing to CEBIT 2018 in Hannover is an impressive all-in-one and its biggest display yet.

Designed to be the all-rounder of digital signage, the XDS-2790 can be used in integrated and standalone arrangements, runs an even more robust Android operating system, boasts extended security functions and offers an improved content management and remote maintenance system. What’s more, the steady expansion of the IAdea partner ecosystem means that the XDS-2790 is suitable for even more applications. "The new XDS-2790 27-inch Smart Signboard from IAdea is an intelligent turnkey solution for digital signage. It combines media playback, a robust design and commercial functionality in an affordable digital signage solution, is child’s play to install and is operated remotely at the touch of a button," says Björn Christiansen, CEO of IAdea, summing up the key benefits of the XDS-2790.
IAdea Deutschland GmbH (24223 Schwentinental, Germany), Hall 17, Stand H17
Contact: Björn Christiansen
Tel.: +49 431 22130300

French Connection
Ever wondered if there is an alternative to conventional radio waves? What about ultrasound? French startup STIMSHOP - winner of a pitch at the CEBIT Roadshow @ Station F in Paris - is exhibiting its new STIMcom technology at its very own CEBIT stand.

On 12 April, in the run-up to CEBIT 2018 in Hannover, the CEBIT Roadshow @ Station F in Paris offered a taster of the key topics coming up at the world's largest exhibition dedicated to digital technologies. The preview event also included an exciting competition, with 12 specially selected B2B digital startups getting the chance to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges in a bid to secure a turnkey trade fair stand in Hannover. In the end, the panel was most impressed by STIMSHOP and its new ultrasound-based wireless communication technology. This Paris-based start-up aims to make the most of its fantastic opportunity to win over a huge international audience with the benefits of its concept.

The patented ultrasound signal STIMcom from STIMSHOP is an exclusive ultrasound protocol for transferring data wirelessly. It is intended for use wherever conventional radio waves - which are essential for WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G - are either ineffective or not permitted, such as in potentially explosive atmospheres. Conventional speakers and microphones - like those found everywhere in devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers - can be used as transmitters and receivers to send signals. That means this new technology could establish itself in a very short space of time and spread far and wide. The next step for STIMSHOP is to build a plug&play connector with STIMcom inside as a simple means of integrating the new communication technology into devices that are not already compatible.
STIMSHOP SAS (75020 Paris, France), Hall 27, Stand A38/7
Contact: Dominique Palacci
Tel.: +33 1 73 74 08 23
Mobile: +33 6 07 30 24 53

Our time has come - completely automatically!
Meetings are usually arranged over the phone or via a never-ending chain of emails, but appointer GmbH is keen to change all that. The startup is at CEBIT 2018 to showcase "appointer enterprise" - a solution set to raise the bar in automated appointment management technology.

Whether it's with colleagues or external business partners, scheduling appointments often takes up precious time. But the intelligent personal assistant on show at the appointer stand at CEBIT 2018 might well change all that. "We have developed appointer enterprise as a new benchmark for automated meeting management in business settings," explains Benjamin A. Schifferer, founder and CFO of appointer GmbH, adding: "It is our goal to ensure attendees no longer have to worry about finding a time and date to suit everyone."

The young developers promise the solution can simply dock onto existing calendar systems to find potential time slots in a matter of seconds and manage these slots accordingly. "Besides personal preferences, room planning and travel times are automatically taken into account," says Schifferer. What's more, the solution is reportedly compatible with just about any system or platform and can even function between different companies. As appointer knows that meetings are always something personal, its software architecture is designed to integrate various use cases. After all, explains Schifferer, you can only set a new benchmark if you work closely with your customers. "We are constantly learning from our customers and integrating their specific requirements into our calendar ecosystem. That's how we came to create the automated email handling function, which shows initiators potential time slots directly from email correspondence," says Schifferer. If you're eager to find out more, the appointer team is on hand at the NRW pavilion at CEBIT 2018 to answer all your questions.
appointer GmbH (48149 Munster, Germany), Hall 27, Stand D69, (D69/7), Digital Business NRW pavilion
Contact: Benjamin A. Schifferer
Tel.: +49 251 59068446
Mobile: +49 176 303 949 74

Besides driving forward infrastructure development across Germany with ever-faster telecommunication networks, Vodafone is helping customers keep a better eye on what matters most thanks to its innovative IoT services.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Vodafone GmbH – a key player in the IT sector - is focusing on more than just one topic at CEBIT 2018 in Hannover. Visitors to the Vodafone pavilion can, for example, learn about the company's rollout of Gigabit Internet across Germany. Neatly summed up in the catchword "GigaSquare", the company is showcasing an interactive exhibit of the latest technological innovations for networked communication and digital working. Be it the future generation of 5G wireless, fiber optic cables or the NarrowBand IoT machine network - Vodafone has it all. Visitors can even explore its GigaWork and GigaLife solutions. The latter focuses particularly on security - how can we better protect what is most costly and important to us in the future?

Vodafone's response takes the form of the V-SIM - a combination of virtual SIM card and matching app designed to open up the growing IoT market to private users. Customers can currently choose from four products featuring a special virtual SIM card designed to help trace lost baggage, track escaped canines or keep an eye on what's going on at home all via your smartphone - even when you're on the move. "No other market is developing as dynamically as the IoT market," says Hannes Ametsreiter, CEO of Vodafone Germany. To date, the company has already networked just under 60 million devices, machines and vehicles worldwide and is now training its sights on private customers with its new “V by Vodafone” range of smart services.
Vodafone GmbH (40549 Dusseldorf, Germany), Pavilion P32
Contact: Caren Altpeter
Tel.: +49 211 533 6298
Mobile: +49 174 162 08 82

Taking charge of e-mobility
IONITY GmbH is at CEBIT 2018 to reveal how its cutting-edge European high-power charging network is set to make long-distance travel with electric vehicles a reality.

IONITY is a joint venture between the BMW Group, Daimler AG, the Ford Motor Company and the Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche. Its aim is to build a network of reliable and powerful charging stations along major routes across Europe. Boasting a capacity of up to 350 kW, these user-friendly stations can charge vehicles in next to no time, making long-distance travel with electric vehicles an enjoyable experience.

Besides innovation, customer experience and safety, IONITY believes design also plays a major role in electromobility. That's why the joint venture has developed an exclusive design concept for its European-wide high-power charging network. A seemingly floating light structure sits on the top of each vertically rising pylon, helping drivers spot charging stations from afar - even in the dark. True to the principles of e-mobility, the charging stations are designed to create an open, easy-going and friendly atmosphere. Clear structures and surfaces, smart interfaces and a combination of robust and light-weight materials are set to come together to offer a seamless charging experience. Much like the IONITY logo, the colors during the charging process, for example, symbolize the energetic pace of the charging status. As Dr. Marcus Groll, COO of IONITY GmbH, explains: "The presentation of our charging stations signals to our shareholders, partners and future customers that the charging of the future is already starting to take shape."
IONITY GmbH (80809 Munich, Germany), Hall 25, Stand B48
Contact: Paul Entwistle
Tel.: +49 89 4141 785 90

Find your place in the digital world of work
French IT service provider Atos - one of the world's leading suppliers of digital transformation solutions - is at CEBIT 2018 to demonstrate how it can help businesses create flexible and secure digital workspaces.

Networking, mobility, collaborative working, device independence and increasingly stringent security - these are just some of the digital transformation trends placing new demands on how companies organize workspaces in both technical and non-technical terms. That's why Atos is on a mission to create pioneering digital working areas with its range of digital workplace services. The top priority for Atos is to ensure employees can communicate and collaborate efficiently, as this will lead to improved user experience and satisfaction, enhanced productivity and better business performance.

Brandishing the slogan "Workplace of the Future", the Atos experts are at CEBIT 2018 to showcase comprehensive solutions capable of meeting the modern-day challenges of the digital world. Supporting more than one million unified communication users, and monitoring over three million devices, Atos is one of the world’s leading suppliers of digital workplace solutions. Its end-to-end portfolio is designed to offer a seamlessly integrated and enjoyable user experience. Its solutions center around a cloud-based, mobile, digital workplace that is also wireless, hardware-independent and can harness the potential of big data and artificial intelligence. To showcase real-life examples of user-focused mobile working, the digital workplace experts from Atos are each playing the role of a typical project manager and inviting CEBIT visitors to explore various potential workstations over a working day. Besides demonstrating how different technologies interact in different working environments, the company particularly aims to highlight the opportunities opened up by integrated, secure and digital workplaces that function anywhere and on any device.
Atos Information Technology GmbH (81739 Munich, Germany), Hall 13, Stand C74
Contact: Stefan Pieper
Mobile: +49 178 468 68 75

Now you're talking!
Yealink, a specialist supplier of unified communication solutions, is at CEBIT with its latest hardware to demonstrate how simple and effective collaborative working can be in the future.

It goes without saying that a globalized, digitized world of work calls for enhanced communication platforms that enable workers to collaborate over lengthy distances as effectively and simply as possible. Yealink Network Technology, now one of the world’s leading suppliers of unified communication (UC) terminal solutions, focuses particularly on video conferencing systems and voice communication technology. Its high-quality UC solutions help customers in more than 100 countries boost employee efficiency and stand out from the competition. The Chinese company is now heading to CEBIT 2018 in Hannover to unveil its vision of easy collaborative working with its latest UC terminal solutions.

The experienced product managers, sales representatives and engineers from Yealink are on hand to conduct live demonstrations, answer technical queries and advise visitors on potential communication issues. In terms of hardware, Yealink is showcasing solutions for companies of virtually all shapes and sizes, such as the CP960 conference phone for SMEs. Featuring speakerphone technology developed in collaboration with Harman, the CP960 is sure to raise the bar in sound quality. By combining a wide-range and dead-zone-free voice pickup with Yealink’s noiseproof technology, this device is simply the perfect choice for day-to-day business meetings.
Yealink Network Technology Co., Ltd. (361000 Xiamen, China), Hall 13, Stand D112
Contact: Bonnie Xie
Tel.: +86 592 5702000

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