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Women in Digital Business:Women's Power at CEBIT

Women’s Power at CEBIT: At the "Women in Digital Business" Summit – taking place on Wednesday, 13 June from 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Center Stage in Hall 17 – experts will be discussing the technological and political upheavals impacting our markets, companies and civil society.

04 Jun. 2018
Women in digital Business 4

What are the opportunities and challenges for women in the digital working world - one that is increasingly marked by transparency and the need for flexibility? What conclusions should women draw from this and how can they accede to leadership positions?

Power woman Tijen Onaran to moderate

The moderator of the summit is female entrepreneur Tijen Onaran, founder of "Global Digital Women", an organization which she created to bring women together and strengthen their role in the digital economy.

Opening keynote by Martina Koederitz

The conference’s opening keynote will be delivered by Martina Koederitz, Global Industry Managing Director for Industrial Products and Automotive, Aerospace and Defense at the IBM Corporation. Her topic will be "Shaping the Future - What’s in It for You?". "The future we inherit will be the future we are already shaping TODAY," says Koederitz, who will also serve as the patron for the CEBIT Summit. "AI or Augmented Intelligence is going to permeate all areas of our lives," she continues. "It is important that these technologies be supported and shaped by society as a whole and that the relevant AI systems learn from the knowledge of EVERYONE. Diversity has become a factor for innovations that make it possible to improve tomorrow’s world for ALL, thus creating unforeseen professional opportunities and a highly varied and exciting landscape - especially for women."

Key themes range from Diversity Management to Human Resources 2020

Following the keynote, visitors will be treated to further exclusive content, with Franziska Divis, Director of Consumer Market Germany at Intel, Constanze Osei-Becker, Public Policy Manager at Facebook, and Almerima Jamakovic-Kapic, Senior Data Scientist at Teradata, all speaking on "Diversity Management as the Key to Growth".

The panel discussion titled "Going Digital - the Future of Work for Women" features Brigitte Zypries, past German Minister of Economics and Energy as well as of Justice, Annett Polaszewski-Plath, General Manager for Germany at Eventbrite, and Kerstin Ewelt, Head of Community Relations at Quora. Together, they will discuss the question: "Are Women the Ideal Managers for Millennials?"

The ensuing keynote by Robert LoCascio, founder & CEO of LivePerson, will explore the relationship between artificial intelligence and sexism. Specifically, LoCascio will speak on "What's Wrong with Today's AI? Sexism Could Be the Next Tech Disaster".

A further highlight on the agenda is the thematic complex of Human Resources 2020, where the focus will be on HR management in an age of digitization. Speakers include Sven Semet, HR Thought Leader Watson Talent & Member of the IBM Corporate Service Corps, Claudia de Andrés-Gayón, Senior Vice-president for HR development and the Group Job Market at Deutsche Bahn, Lea Böhm, CEO & Founder of AllesRoger, and Nora Heer, Founder & CEO of Loopline Systems.

Women as the winners of digitization?

Women could also end up being the winners of digitization precisely due to their ability to empathize. In the future, empathy and leadership skills will be critical in the labor market, as these qualities cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence. Government however must set the right course to allow women to take advantage of their opportunities - including as company founders. Those are the findings of a study by the Kiel Institute for World Economy (IfW) on the consequences of digitization in the 20 most important industrialized and emerging nations ("The Effects of Digitalization on Gender Equality in the G20 Economies").


At CEBIT 2018, everything is geared to generating business, leads and bright ideas. With its exhibitor displays, expert conferences and prime networking opportunities, CEBIT is a triple-punch event covering everything essential to the digitization of business, government and society. The innovations on display in the d!conomy section of the show give IT professionals and decision-makers from the realms of business, trade and the public sector the tools they need to streamline and futureproof their operations by leveraging digitization to the fullest. The event’s d!tec showcase puts the spotlight on developers and startups and their disruptive business models, as well as on research institutes giving us a glimpse of tomorrow’s game-changing technologies. The d!talk conference program features visionaries, lateral thinkers, creatives and experts from around the globe. The d!campus is the beating heart of CEBIT - the place where everyone gets together for relaxed networking, street food and live music. CEBIT presents the digital transformation in a totally new way, while retaining its core focus on business, leads and more leads. The first day of CEBIT 2018 - Monday, 11 June - is reserved for conference attendees and journalists, with the exhibition opening on Tuesday, 12 June. The exhibition halls will be open Tuesday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., with the d!campus staying open till 11 p.m. on those days. Opening hours on Friday are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. CEBIT Events Worldwide give Deutsche Messe’s customers even more ways of reaching their international clientele, e.g. in dynamic markets such as China, Australia, Thailand and Spain.


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