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Trendspots: Discover the product innovations of CEBIT - No. 1

Hannover, Germany. The new CEBIT gives tangible shape to the potential of the digital present and the digital future. The new CEBIT is a trade show, conference and networking event all in one, and this format makes the digitization journey a truly immersive experience. Some exhibitors already told us what they will present in Hannover. This is the first issue, more will follow.

04 May. 2018

It ain’t what you say, it’s the way that you say it!
100 Worte Sprachanalyse GmbH is showcasing a way of analyzing the psychology behind texts in real time at CEBIT 2018. The exciting new feature is that it examines how things are said, not just what.

Many different features distinguish us from other people, including our behavior, appearance, smell - and certainly our language. Very few of us have probably ever given a second thought to the hidden messages in written texts - that is till now. 100 Worte Sprachanalyse GmbH, a startup from southwestern Germany, is attending CEBIT 2018 in Hannover to showcase its groundbreaking service. It is based on the work of the U.S. social psychologist James W. Pennebaker, whose research revealed that it’s precisely the seemingly unimportant "low-level" words, as he calls them, that can reveal the most about someone. The fledgling company is now using this revelation to analyze the psychology behind the language used in texts.

The innovative technology used in the analysis tool developed by 100 Worte can supposedly pick up important personality traits embedded in texts, such as the way authors think along with their mood and needs, in real time. These indicators often remain hidden to regular readers and listeners, as they focus entirely on the message. The aim is to quickly and objectively pinpoint customers' key characteristics, but also to decipher the hidden messages contained in brand statements and even products and to incorporate these in the communications process to achieve positive results.
100 Worte Sprachanalyse GmbH (74076 Heilbronn, Germany), Hall 14, Stand H08
Contact: Simon Tschürtz
Mobile: +49 160 966 968 26

E-mail for you, me and everyone else!
Inovoo GmbH's NOVO CxP software helps companies classify, validate and direct e-mails appropriately without switching media.

Handling the flood of incoming e-mails is a growing organizational challenge for companies today. Alongside business-related e-mails in employees' personal inboxes, many businesses face serious limitations or extra administrative work when processing group e-mails using established mail processes. For example, e-mails are still printed out for automated capture processes. The NOVO CxP solution being showcased by Inovoo GmbH at CEBIT 2018 in Hannover eliminates the need to switch between media and ensures all incoming mail is processed consistently.

With NOVO CxP, incoming e-mails and their attachments can be classified, validated and forwarded for appropriate processing complete with color coding. The aim is to enable companies to use e-mail communication to reliably integrate group e-mails of the variety and personal e-mails into the appropriate corporate processes. This will mean different kinds of communication structures can be merged, undergo audit-compliant archiving and be incorporated in a single step.
Inovoo GmbH (82266 Inning, Germany), Hall 15, Stand E20
Contact: Barbara Fendt
Tel.: +49 8143 9995717

Firmware-update your business! Zoho Corp. has been a supplier of cloud-based business software since 1996. The California-based company is now at CEBIT 2018 to
celebrate the premiere of Zoho One - a new integrated solution featuring all applications needed to run an entire business.

Boasting a 3,500-strong workforce primarily made up of product developers, Zoho provides more than 15 million customers across the globe with over 25 online modules and more than 50 mobile apps for iOS and Android. The company is now at this year's CEBIT to unveil the new Zoho One suite - a cloud-based business software package with more than 35 integrated web applications and no less than 40 mobile apps. What’s more, an integrated app creator is designed to ensure customers have lasting control of all business areas imaginable.

This innovative software suite for running an entire business serves as a marketing tool, aims to boost sales figures and enables companies to organize fundamental activities such as accounting and customer and employee communications. To make this possible, Zoho One applications are accessed and managed all in one place, with the added bonus of a single sign-on mechanism. All in all, the company describes Zoho One as pretty much a "turnkey operating system" for businesses. Don't miss out on the perfect opportunity to explore this highly promising software solution at CEBIT. You never know, perhaps you'll be convinced to transfer all your business operations to the cloud...
Zoho Corporation (Pleasanton, CA 94588, United States), Hall 16, Stand J16
Contact: Natalie Söll
Tel.: +49 9231 978 4104

Networking - it all starts in Bavaria!
IT IS AG is a systems specialist known for its high-quality hardware and selection of software solutions. At CEBIT 2018 in Hannover, the company is celebrating the premiere of Odoo Connect - the latest extension of its tried-and-tested Odoo business solution.

With networking crucial to so many areas now, a key concern is ensuring that systems that were once independent can communicate with one another to exchange and synchronize data. Users planning to link up several ERP systems or set up data transfer with a webshop or supplier need to consider a number of different requirements to enable data exchange (EDI + message bus). Here’s where the solutions from IT IS AG can come in very handy. The systems specialist has a range of business solutions on show at CEBIT 2018 in Hannover, including the new IT IS Odoo Connect.

Odoo Connect is an extension of the tried-and-tested Odoo business system, which was specially developed for eBusiness, eMarketing and eCommerce. All Odoo functions are fully web-based so they can be accessed via a regular browser, meaning that users can access all ERP functions with mobile devices from any location. The new Odoo Connect system offers a simple way to configure all the necessary connections. What’s more, the WSO2 message broker not only supports transfers between Odoo systems, but also with countess others, including SAP, Dynamics NAV and Magento.
IT IS AG (84051 Essenbach, Germany), Hall 27, Stand F82
Contact: Marlene Schwenter
Tel.: +49 8703 90690

Cheering up downbeat project managers
Sciforma GmbH, a leading software provider and consultant in project and portfolio management (PPM), is at CEBIT 2018 in Hannover to celebrate the premiere of the latest version of its PPM solution - Sciforma 7.1.

Unforeseeable changes are one of those things that regularly spoil a project manager’s mood. They can be immensely challenging, particularly when team members are working on several projects at the same time, as numerous external factors have to be taken into account. The majority of PPM solutions still treat project managers as if they were working in silos, completely ignoring what is going on elsewhere in the organization. With the new Sciforma 7.1, however, companies can break out of this blinkered approach and benefit from the agility and transparency required to keep up with the digital revolution.

This cutting-edge solution, on show for the first time ever at this year's CEBIT, is designed to enable project managers to plan the potential impact of previous, current and even future developments at any stage - no matter whether they occur in their own or in other departments. "Thanks to Sciforma 7.1's new Connections feature," says Fabien Herelle, Sciforma Vice President of Solutions, "people, teams and project data are all interconnected. Managers can very easily follow a project’s timeline and predict how it will develop in both technical and business terms."
Sciforma GmbH (65232 Taunusstein, Germany), Hall 17, Stand E44
Contact: Rebecca Müller
Tel.: +49 6128 9665-0

The solutions are already there for the taking!
At CEBIT 2018 in Hannover, Full Speed Systems AG is revealing how systematically implementing the digital transformation and continuously developing ERP systems can turn around troublesome business processes.

In an era when pretty much every business process can be digitized and seemingly nothing's impossible, what can be done to ensure customers optimize their performance, boost productivity and cut costs? According to Full Speed Systems AG (FSS) from Switzerland, the answer is incredibly straightforward - the key is to continuously develop ERP systems and systematically implement the digital transformation. The company backs up this statement with the solid expertise it has gathered from completing digitization projects and throughout more than twenty years of success in enterprise resource planning (ERP).

At CEBIT 2018 in Hannover, FSS is showing how simple it can be to optimize a company's logistics system and visualize it in the ERP system in almost real time. Even introducing machine-to-machine (M2M) communication on its own will help companies and organizations resolve their trickiest issues. Such systems are based on the data captured, collected and passed on by implemented sensors, above all physical parameters such as temperature, pressure and location. Companies can now integrate this kind of information into their business processes to help them make smart decisions, cut costs and generate new sources of income.
Full Speed Systems AG (6210 Sursee, Switzerland), Hall 13, Stand E133
Contact: Marcel Merz
Tel.: +41 041 922 28 28

My digital assistant doesn’t understand me 
The startup thingsTHINKING is appearing at CEBIT 2018 to explain how it uses advances in artificial intelligence to teach machines linguistic common sense.

It seems lightyears since Stanley Kubrick's epic "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968) planted the idea in our minds that humans and machines would one day converse. Even if HAL 9000 was hardly the best advertisement, the future of talking AI-equipped counterparts seemed set in the stars. thingsTHINKING, a spin-off from the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT), is appearing at the Baden-Württemberg International pavilion in Hall 14 during CEBIT 2018 to unveil a potential milestone in this direction. The artificial intelligence onboard its NLP semantic processing platform understands the meaning of language, which is how humans - and potentially now machines - are able to process unstructured information.

To reach this stage of development, the founders of thingsTHINKING, Dr. Mathias Landhäusser and Dr. Sven J. Körner, first needed to realize that machine learning, statistics and other existing approaches to human-machine interaction were never going to do the job. At least not as long as machines process communication in purely mathematical and statistical terms - without actually understanding the meaning of human language. The futility of this entirely logic-based approach is revealed by Ludwig Wittgenstein's simple yet ingenious explanation that "the meaning of a word is its use in the language". Language is heavily influenced by the communicator's life experience - and a gulf still remains between humans and machines, at least for now. In contrast to existing methods of NLP/NLU (natural language processing/understanding), the semantic processing platform created by thingsTHINKING now seeks to understand, process and use the semantics of human speech. This places it way ahead of the field for a whole range of potential applications. The thingsTHINKING software on show at CEBIT is designed to spot humans’ linguistic anomalies and compensate for them. This is likely to prove immensely useful in Industry 4.0 and for software manufactures or consultants, paving the way for improved customer service using virtual assistants, or legal-tech aids for interpreting contracts, for example.
thingsTHINKING GmbH (76131 Karlsruhe, Germany), Hall 14, Stand H08
Contact: Alexander Walz
Tel.: +49 721 96493138
Mobile: +49 172 2127901

When the going gets tough, you can lean on AI
Taking center stage at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence stand during CEBIT 2018 is the Recupera REHA project. The aim is to develop an innovative, mobile full-body exoskeleton and an independent active subsystem for robot-assisted rehabilitation of neurological diseases.

The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) - with headquarters in Kaiserslautern, additional institutes in Saarbrücken and Bremen and a project office in Berlin - is Germany's leading research institute in innovative software technologies with close industrial ties. The DFKI is also considered one of the major centers of excellence worldwide in the race to turn cutting-edge developments into practical commercial applications. Its projects span all stages of the development chain - from application-focused ground research right through to creating new product functions for the market and specific customers. At CEBIT 2018 alone, the DFKI is showcasing 16 current projects including the Recupera REHA project in progress at its Bremen branch.

Recupera REHA is an innovative mobile full-body exoskeleton designed as the basis for an independent subsystem for robot-supported rehabilitation of neurological diseases. The self-powered and -supporting exoskeleton can perform almost the entire spectrum of human movements. To achieve this, the DFKI in Bremen combined new methods in actuation, control technology and lightweight engineering with a new online system for evaluating biosignals. Close collaboration with its partner organization rehaworks was key to successfully evaluating the potential medical use for this subsystem as a rehabilitation aid for stroke patients.
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH (DFKI) (66123 Saarbrücken, Germany), Hall 27, Stand F62
Contact: Christof Burgard
Tel.: +49 681 85775 5277
Mobile: +49 160 944 770 96

Fueling the e-mobility industry
The German startup drivo has chosen CEBIT 2018 to celebrate the premiere of "drivo INFRASTRUCTURE" - a charging infrastructure planning tool with an app for energy suppliers and OEMs.

drivo GmbH specializes in capturing and processing mobility data to enable businesses and individuals to harness the true potential of innovative mobility solutions. Building on interdisciplinary know-how, the fledgling tech company brings a whole range of skill sets together. Among the cutting-edge solutions on show at this year's CEBIT in Hannover is the original "drivo App", which uses gamification to offer consumers an innovative way of analyzing and interpreting their driving patterns. The company is also demonstrating "drivo TELEMATICS", a state-of-the-art fleet management system for small and medium-sized enterprises, and "drivo LEAP", which offers companies a customized means of tapping into the full potential of telematics. But that's not all. Visitors can also get a sneak preview of "drivo INFRASTRUCTURE" - a charging infrastructure planning tool that features an app for energy suppliers and OEMs.

With this new solution, the up-and-coming business aims to pave the way to full e-mobility by providing valuable information for the planning, implementation and use of charging infrastructures. Users' mobility patterns are comprehensively analyzed to identify relevant charging points and understand customer needs. Adopting a data-based, analytical and playful approach, the pioneering "drivo INFRASTRUCTURE" solution is set to significantly improve the e-mobility of the future.
drivo GmbH (28217 Bremen, Germany), Hall 27, Stand D51
Contact: Sven Gunkel
Tel.: +49 421 460 460 52

How natural intelligence can make AI accessible to all
Say hello to NEPO - a graphical programming language from the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems (IAIS) designed to open up AI to the whole of society. Anyone keen to get to grips with robot programming should head straight to CEBIT 2018.

A recent event at the German Federal Chancellery - one of the country's key democratic institutions - showed for the first time that AI really can be sociable and could indeed find a place in the heart of society. As part of Girls' Day 2018, 24 schoolgirls programmed the "NAO robot" to greet the Chancellor Angela Merkel all on its own. The secret to their success was NEPO - the graphical programming language developed by the Fraunhofer IAIS. "Unlike their smartphones, which they just use, the schoolchildren have to program NAO themselves using NEPO," explains Beate Jost, project manager at the Fraunhofer IAIS. The task didn't prove too taxing for the girls, however, and was an eye-opening experience. This is all thanks to the Fraunhofer IAIS, which aims to use NEPO to make intelligent algorithms accessible to the general public.

"Within the Fraunhofer Information and Communication Technology Group, institutes such as the Fraunhofer IAIS research and develop pioneering AI technologies based on principles that should not be beyond the understanding of people who aren't already experts," says Jost. "With NEPO, we are turning our attention to the public - schoolchildren, trainees and managers - so that we can transfer the principles of this specialist knowledge from our experts' heads to wider society, anchor them there and make sure even the younger generations can grasp them." And where better to do this than at the new CEBIT - a trade fair that has long since attested that disruptive technology offers opportunities to all?

Under the slogan "Code Your Smart Home", the Institute is therefore inviting CEBIT 2018 visitors to try their hand at robot programming, gain a practical insight into the specialist field of cognitive systems and discover futuristic scenarios ranging from the world of work right through to smart homes. Visitors are sure to be captivated by the world of intelligent assistants, as besides using NEPO to have a heart-to-heart with the NAO robot they can also expand their know-how by programming the Kobold VR200 robot vacuum cleaner.
Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems (IAIS) (53757 Sankt Augustin, Germany), Hall 27, Stand E78
Contact: Elena Zay
Tel.: +49 2241 14-1971

Unbeatable bandwidth - two VDSL modems in a single device
LANCOM is at CEBIT 2018 to unveil its new 1906VA-4G high-end router, an alternative to fiber-optic connections, which in many places are still not available. This solution offers unprecedented data throughput for All-IP connections thanks to a second modem.

The more networked today's companies become, the more complex their bandwidth requirements. Increasing numbers of digital applications such as cloud services, conference systems and high-resolution streaming need bandwidths that in many places are not yet available - and won't be available for years to come. Although a comprehensive supply network with fast fiber-optic connections has been on the political agenda for a number of years, such changes can take a long time, as we all know. Using a number of Internet connections such as VDSL in parallel is an alternative. However, this calls for a router that supports multiple DSL connections simultaneously, thus providing sufficient bandwidth for all network applications. This is where the unique 1906 series from LANCOM comes in. The leading German manufacturer of network solutions for business customers and the public sector is unveiling the high-end LANCOM 1906VA-4G router at CEBIT 2018.

For the first time, the LANCOM 1906VA-4G router combines two VDSL modems in just one device, delivering unprecedented data throughput for All-IP connections. The entire range of a company’s digital applications are distributed across all lines used through highly efficient load balancing, thereby maximizing the available bandwidth. Adding LTE Advanced as an Internet backup also ensures uninterrupted availability of mission-critical applications.
LANCOM Systems GmbH (52146 Würselen, Germany), Hall 13, Stand C112
Contact: Gilla Götschenberg
Tel.: +49 2405 49936-0

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