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CEBIT presents the latest collaboration and digital workspace trends

The new CEBIT is placing major emphasis on collaboration and digital workspace technologies as drivers of productivity. The name of the game: 360-degree solutions providing all key office functionalities in seamlessly integrated processes. Underlying it all is the rapid rise of social collaboration in business, with advanced messaging services connecting employees whenever required and making knowledge shareable, all while meeting strict standards of data security.

08 May. 2018

This summer (11–15 June), CEBIT will bring the rich possibilities of this new world of work to life for all to experience.

Digital Workspace is a growth area of the business world, with nine out of ten business leaders looking to mobile tools and collaboration services as gateways to increased productivity. A recent study by British Telecom identifies five elements as being keys to increased performance: a more connected workspace, ease and convenience of co-working both within and outside the office, proprietary apps, instant messaging services and more powerful end devices.

Accenture: fixed role descriptions are a thing of the past

About a third of German companies have already embraced the challenges and opportunities of today’s massive technological changes by redefining employee roles and tasks. Global management consulting firm Accenture believes fixed employee role descriptions will very soon be a thing of the past because work will need to be structured in a more project-driven way. "In tomorrow’s working world, machines will not be the masters of humans. Rather, intelligent technologies will be the key to making employees more productive. Employees will be relieved of routine asks so that they can focus on higher-value ones,"says Accenture Germany boss Frank Riemensperger.

Companies relying on automated security solutions

Data security has an important part to play in all of these changes, with businesses increasingly investing in automated security solutions given that many security breaches originate from employee PCs. A broad selection of these sorts of solutions will be on show at CEBIT. The new applications on display comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), meaning that users retain control over their personal data.

IBM: Artificial intelligence making work smarter and more efficient

Artificial intelligence has a key role to play in Workspace 4.0, with digital voice assistants like Alexa and voice-activated chatbots making many programs easier to use. IBM’s Watson Workspace combines the capabilities of a cognitive supercomputer with the power of a collaboration solution, resulting in a tool that aggregates, sorts and prioritizes communication flows from multiple sources, whether e-mail, in-house chat platforms or social media apps.

Flexible solutions from Atlassian

Atlassian is another provider that offers flexible solutions for project teams. These include products like Jira Software, Confluence, Stride and Bitbucket, which are used by many companies the world over for collaboration, content creation, real-time communication and service management. Then there’s GRÜN.SOCIAL by Germany’s GRÜN Software, which enables employees to communicate in real-time, make documents available for download and coordinate calendars. The software can be deployed on intranets and extranets.

DATEV to present digital interaction zone

Collaboration also opens new opportunities and possibilities for tax accountants and their business clients. To illustrate this point, DATEV, a provider of software solutions to accountants, lawyers and other professionals, is staging its CEBIT showcase as a digital interaction circuit. Passing through all the various stops, visitors will be able to experience the power of cross-business collaboration first hand. Topics covered by the circuit include digital bookkeeping, digital payroll accounting, mobile applications and cloud solutions.

"Simplify Digital Work"by Matrix42

The CEBIT showcase mounted by workspace management software provider Matrix42 is titled "Simplify Digital Work"and is built on the themes of unified endpoint management, license compliance and IT security. It is a joint production with technology partners VOQUZ, Makrofactory, enSilo, PerformanceGuard and Egosecure. "The aim of the presentation is to show how the management of devices, applications, processes and services can be simplified and made secure and compliant with licenses,"explains Matrix42 CEO Oliver Bendig.

CAS on hand with app-based solution for small businesses

Germany’s CAS Software will be presenting its 2018 German Design Award-winning collaboration software SmartWe. SmartWe is an app-based cloud solution for small businesses that comprises numerous functions that support customer centricity and collaboration.

Ephesoft: helping business with unstructured document data

U.S.-based firm Ephesoft will be presenting version 4.5 of its Transact software for the intelligent capture, classification and extraction of unstructured document data. Version 4.5 includes an array of new features and functions, such as machine learning Web Services APIs that enable the integration of machine learning into existing document capture solutions.

M-Files: leveraging AI to give users access to all the files they need

M-Files will be using CEBIT to present a content service and ECM platform that enables users to find the files they need, no matter where they are stored. With M-Files, there’s no need to assign keywords or links to documents, because the system uses AI to generate the necessary metadata.

Ricoh to present multiple options for the digital workplace

Ricoh is bringing its 2018 WORKSTYLE INNOVATION SUMMIT to CEBIT. Held at the Technology Academy (Pavilion 36) on 13 June, the summit will explore the many and varied possibilities of digital workspace technologies and how they can give businesses a real competitive edge. Ricoh will, for example, present workstyle solutions for security, mobility, collaboration, intelligence, and innovation and digital transformation. There will also be expert keynotes on digitization and its implications, as well as data protection and innovation. The speaker lineup includes Ricoh Germany’s CEO, its GDPR advisor, the head of innovation of a major corporation, plus a representative of the German government’s D21 initiative.

Business Collaboration Pavilion and d!talk program: New ideas for business leaders

The CEBIT Business Collaboration Pavilion in Hall 15 will feature a wealth of solutions for real-world challenges. Sycor will be presenting its solutions for hosting, Microsoft D365, the cloud and managed services. lobo will be showcasing loboSPhere, a solution that helps businesses implement SharePoint projects in teams using templates. Portal Systems Consulting will be demonstrating how its Shareflex add-on solution can transform Microsoft SharePoint into a business application platform. And last but not least, aXon GmbH will be on hand to help businesses along with their journey to digitization.

Needless to say, intelligent digital workspace tools will also feature prominently in CEBIT’s star-studded d!talk conference program. The highlights here include a presentation by Lukas Hebeisen, Head of Technology & Digital Transformation at document management provider Swiss Post Solutions. Held on Tuesday, 12 June, Hebeisen’s presentation is a must for anyone who wants an inside view on how AI is revolutionizing work as we know it.


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