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Showcase Cloud and Heat

We build the most energy-efficient server rooms worldwide

We establish a distributed data center infrastructure, which is a worldwide unique solution with a PUE value of 1.01.

07 Mar. 2016
Cloud and Heat Server

The most energy- and cost-efficient server rooms worldwide

Classical server rooms and data centers need to spend additional energy to cool the servers. We, however, leverage an energy-saving hot water cooling and use the waste heat to heat buildings and for warm water treatment. This is how we meet the increasing requirements on energy efficiency and CO2 reduction and cut your TCO by 50 %.

Basis for future technologies

Our technology builds the basis for distributed infrastructures (public cloud) incl. the heat recovery to heat residential and commercial properties as well as for energy- and cost-efficient data centers and networks worldwide for companies, agencies and institutions. Furthermore, it provides the necessary infrastructure for future technologies, such as smart home/city, 5G and Autonomous driving.

Data Center in a box

Our innovation enables low TCO for customers of "data center in a box" as well as ultimate performance and latencies for cloud customers.