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Wanted: Startup heroes for the digital future, part 2

They make our environment cleaner, our beaches safer, and help our children acquire proficiency in foreign languages. Among the startups at SCALE11 are many unknown heroes. In our last article in this series, we introduce you to some of them.

16 Mar. 2016

Windcloud: saving the environment

North Frisia is green – in more ways than one. The startup Windcloud, headquartered near the Danish border, proves it. Namely, the cloud services that it offers are completely sustainable. “The electricity comes straight from the wind turbine into the data center: it’s green, but not that expensive,” says marketing manager Bastian Springer. The startup relies on existing wind farms – after all, in North Frisia there’s plenty of wind. And if the crisp breeze should subside, the data centers switch to hybrid storage in which energy is saved. The company only uses solar or biogas energy as a last resort. For its ideas Windcloud recently won an innovation prize for green IT. More

Beachegg: fighting the crooks

Imagine you’re at the beach, the sun is scorching hot, and all you want is to jump into the water to cool off. But what should you do with your valuables? Once you’re out of reach, thieves have a perfect opportunity. That’s exactly the problem Balazs Csapo wanted to solve. So he founded a company called Beachegg. The Hungarian startup manufactures a mobile and fully connected high-tech safe. Equipped with a GPS chip and SIM card, the plastic case (which resembles a big egg) can be identified at any time. Other devices can also exchange data with the safe. Once it’s locked, the Beachegg will set off an alarm if petty thieves make their move. The thieves’ position is sent into the cloud in real time. “That’s how we are making the world a little bit safer,” says Géza Szekeres, an employee for UX at Beachegg. #startupheroes More

Linguwerk: the teachers

How do children learn a language in the best way? By making it a game, of course. The technology startup Linguwerk produces so-called dialog toys. “We’re from the signal processing field – whether acoustic, linguistic or visual, that’s our passion,” says co-founder Karina Matthes. Lingufino, for example, is a stuffed animal that talks; it reads aloud different picture books with the aim of fostering language acquisition in young children through high-tech language recognition. In this way, children can become language aces in no time. Matthes and Rico Petrick, the other co-founder, are convinced of their products. “Keeping the company alive in the market after five years - that’s what’s most important right now,” says Petrick. Linguwerk Lingufino

Animus Home: the device connectors

The moving boxes have been packed and all the different smart-home devices set up. But nothing works as it should. A frustrating move made Fidan, Vatan, Vigan and Jonas come up with the idea to develop their own solution that connects intelligent devices from different manufacturers. “We are changing the way we interact in our homes,” says Fidan from Animus Home. As a result, a lamp connected with a central control device called Animus Heart can carry out different functions, depending on the other smart devices it communicates with. For example, the console can boost safety by ensuring the lamp always burns when strangers are standing at the front door. Or it can create different types of light atmosphere for entertainment. Using so-called hApps, users can define precisely how each device should work with other devices. More

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We’ll introduce you to more heroes next year – at SCALE11 during CeBIT 2017.