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Startup heroes

Wanted: Startup heroes for the digital future, part 1

They are revolutionizing the automobile industry, medical technology and the cloud business. Among the startups exhibiting at SCALE11 are many unknown heroes. In two articles we introduce you to some of them.

17 Mar. 2016

Lion Keen: the hero makers

They overcame high bureaucratic hurdles and fought for their idea: Philipp Zeitschel, Robert Großmayer and Philipp Ruppert started a company called Lion Keen that offers companies an IT 'building block set'. With it, each company can 'build' their own industry solution. "Not always easy," says Philipp. "How do we pay for the start-up costs? How can we jointly lead this startup without risking our friendship?" These were some of the risks that Lion Keen confronted. Was it worth the effort? "The acknowledgement comes from seeing so many IT companies, for example Salesforce, stopping by at our stand here at CeBIT and showing enthusiasm for our product," says Philipp Ruppert. "Then we know: we're on the right track."

Learn more at here and

Personal MedSystems: the lifesavers

Each year around 280,000 people die of a heart attack, making it one of the most common causes of death. There must be something we can do about that, thought Felix Brand and Dr. Markus Riemenschneider, the founders of Personal MedSystems. They developed a mobile ECG system called CardioSecur. Patients provide a "fingerprint of their heart" – namely, a reference ECG – at a moment when there are no symptoms. All further measurements are then compared to the reference and the patient receives immediate feedback, based on the signal colors white, yellow or red, depending on how much the values diverge from the reference. It doesn't matter if a person has concrete symptoms or does routine measurements. "That's the really unique part. Normally national averages are used for this purpose. But every heart beats differently," says Nicola Hofman, Marketing & Customer Support Specialist. More about the mobile ECG system (which has only four electrodes) here .

e3 CSS: the data protectors

Everyone wants to go to the cloud – were it not for the considerable concerns many people have about data security and data protection. Hurdles that Michael Hoos wants to eliminate with his Swiss-based e3 Software Services. Their software called Centraya is supposed to be the 'Swiss army knife' for the cloud. The software can encrypt and decrypt data that is saved in the cloud in milliseconds. "Ultimately, data is something that's private, and it should stay that way," says Hoos. More

Uniti: the bio pilots

The Swedish startup Uniti proves that having a futuristic user experience and saving the plant do not have to be contradictory goals. The startup has developed an electronic city vehicle made of biological materials. All complex technical gimmicks have been reduced to a minimum and mobile devices are connected natively to the controls. Call it an iPhone on four wheels. "Each year humans produce 100 million cars – but the cars are not much more advanced than they were 30 years ago," insists founder Lewis Horne. "All I want is to live in a world in which cars are more environmentally friendly and the driving experience feels futuristic." More

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