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Unmanned Systems & Drones

Up there, Gangnam-style

The South Korean startup eyedea is integrating its deep learning-based vision platform into a range of solutions - such as its small selfie drone "PITTA", which has plenty of tricks up its sleeve.

12 Sep. 2018

The colorful, exotic, little passerine birds known as pittas are found mainly in South-East Asia. They share their geographical roots with a startup called eyedea, which was founded in Gangnam-gu, one of Seoul’s 25 districts, in 2015. eyedea has its sights firmly set on developing a deep learning-based vision platform that works as a stand-alone system (i.e. without the need for additional modules or a server connection), in contrast to conventional camera systems. Besides reducing costs, integrating the entire image processing sequence into a single, dedicated module produces a compact result that opens up an unprecedentedly wide range of potential applications in many sectors. Such a versatile module could prove extremely useful in the Internet of Things, automated production, smart homes and many other spheres... most obviously on board a drone.

Which brings us back to eyedea’s current project to develop mini drones called PITTAs. Just like their exotic real-life namesakes, the drones boast impressive acrobatic skills and can be swathed in bright colors. But that’s where the similarities end, as this amazing high-tech gadget boasts a series of extra abilities that set it miles apart from its feathered friend. Once the drone has completed its flight, PITTA can get straight down to other tasks. Removing the propellers transforms it into the ultimate action cam for mounting onto a mountain bike's handlebars, and at home it’s easily transformed into a webcam or security camera. eyedea describes its brainchild as a "transformative, autonomous 4K selfie drone". PITTA earns this rather elaborate suffix by hosting eyedea's fully integrated vision platform. As soon as the featherweight drone - at just under 200 grams - is linked to a smartphone or tablet (Android / iOS), it can autonomously follow an object or person using visual recognition for up to 15 minutes. Once this time is up, the battery can easily be swapped to enable the drone to continue its mission. And while PITTA is acting as a drone, action cam or webcam, it streams 4K video footage via Wi-Fi straight to the connected smart device - or can even transmit live broadcasts to social media.


eyedea inc. (06144 Gangnam-gu, Republic of Korea)