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Unicef warns against digital divide

The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund sees a concrete risk that millions of disadvantaged children may be left behind during the digital transformation, limiting their professional opportunities.

02 Jan. 2018
Source: unicef
Source: unicef

Too little is being done for the "digital generation" across the globe according to Unicef, in their annual report "The situation of children in the world in 2017" . Around 346 million adolescents in developing and threshold countries have been excluded from the digital world, which means a loss of educational and job opportunities the Internet would otherwise make possible.

But even in countries with advanced technology and corresponding infrastructure, children and youth are still at significant risk due to the misuse of private information, access to harmful content and cyber bullying.

The Germany Federal Ministry for Education and Research has launched the "Digitization in Education" platform to explain key topics related to the digital transformation as they affect education and research. But Unicef states that neither the government nor the economy has kept up with the effects of the technological transformation.

From the perspective of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, children should be the focal point of future digital policy. After all, one in every three online users today is a child or youth.

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