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ERP & HR Solutions

Understand your processes first "as a whole"

MES creates more transparency in production and human resources management. Cement specialist Mönninghoff is counting on it.

30 Nov. 2015
Mönninghoff GmbH & Co. KG

"In production, qualified, production-related quantity feedback to the leading production planning and control system in particular is important in terms of inventory control and logistics," says Marco Schweingruber, IT Expert at Mönninghoff GmbH & Co. KG. "Promptly forwarding the information gathered via interfaces to other systems is also an important prerequisite for efficient production."

However, the highly individualized programmed production data acquisition systems that Mönninghoff used until 2014 did not provide much overview. Interfaces to other management systems simply did not exist. Schweingruber reports that the existing systems were "obsolete and incompatible." In order to avoid media discontinuity during data transfer, relieve the need to review production figures, and guarantee long-term production planning, the company began searching for a manufacturing execution system (MES).

"We wanted to find an experienced solutions provider that was able put itself in the shoes of a medium-sized company, which doesn’t always have transparent processes, and make them visible," explains Marco Schweingruber. Direct interfaces to the PPS and the salary program were desired, and the time recording system also needed an overhaul. Mönninghoff no longer received support for its 16 year-old electronic time recording system with barcode terminals.

In the end the company discovered GFOS. The MES and workforce solution of this IT company from Essen provides production-related quantity feedback from the warehouse, analyses production and salary information, and makes manufacturing structures comprehensible. Furthermore, with gfos .Workforce, flexible work time models in administration, fixed working hours in production, and the annual working time accounts for overtime can be clearly mapped.

The system has been up and running at Mönninghoff since January 2014. Smaller start-up problems were traced back to the fact that "we were not aware of the range of demands placed on the introduction of a new PDA system," explains Marco Schweingruber. "We were not familiar with the actual sequence of many processes that we had to map in gfos. That repeatedly led to massive delays. The fact that we introduced a PPS, a PDA/HR time recording solution, and a new salary system at the same time didn’t make the process any easier," says Schweingruber. However, the way the introduction was carried out paid off "since all participants noticed a positive influence from the introduction and careless processes and thought structures were prized open."

GFOS plans to demonstrate how its MES and workforce solutions work together at CeBIT 2016. The company will exhibit in Hall 5 at the ERP & HR display area. Mönninghoff serves as a success story. "By introducing the PDA system and the software possibilities we were able to understand and implement many of our processes as a whole for the first time. Furthermore, thanks to this we were able to simplify many processes and throw complicated antiquated calculation processes overboard," says Marco Schweingruber.

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