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Artificial Intelligence

Two tech billionaires want out of "the Matrix"

Elon Musk believes that we live in a Matrix-type simulation – and he is not alone.

20 Oct. 2016 Jörn Brien

Do we really live in a simulation? SpaceX and Tesla head Elon Musk is apparently convinced he is stuck in the Matrix. In June, Musk was persuaded to state the chances of humanity not living inside a computer simulation to be "one in several billion." And apparently Musk is not the only one who thinks so – he describes having had many conversations about such a simulation with others who share his view.

Philosophy has long asked the question of how we can know that we do not live in a mere simulation of reality. Apparently some of the richest and most powerful people in the world also think about this topic – not just Musk. In September, Bank of America analysts even officially declared the odds that we live in a Matrix-type simulation at 50 percent.

Researchers look for the way out of the Matrix

Tad Friend from the US magazine The New Yorker has written in a lengthy article , that two tech billionaires have secretly hired researchers to find out how we can break out of this simulation. He cites as a source the head of startup accelerator Y Combinator, Sam Altman , but without revealing who the two billionaires are. They might be Altman and Musk – but they might not.

At any rate, Altman believes that the best scenario for the future would be if human brains and computers could merge and upload to the cloud. Smartphones already control us, says Altman. Without this merging, either people will rule over artificial intelligence – or the reverse.