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Research & Innovation

The WINNER takes it all

As electric vehicles power their way forward, the WINNER research project is coming to CeBIT 2017 to unveil potential solutions to tackle the shortfall in private charging infrastructures in environments built using prefabricated construction methods.

26 Jan. 2017
Winner Uni Jena

Statutory quotas, the signs from manufacturers and media reporting all indicate that electric vehicles are the chosen way forward for the foreseeable future - despite the lack of satisfactory solutions for bugs in the system. The situation cries out for ideas from inventors, technicians, engineers and researchers. All over the place, scientists are putting their all into tackling the obstacles blocking the path to this vision. One such hive of activity is at Jena University’s Service Center for Research and Transfer, where various interest groups are probing the potential of WINNER in a sub-project. On the brink of its market launch, the concept behind WINNER is on show at CeBIT 2017 in Hannover.

WINNER (a German acronym for "integrating grid-neutral electromobility into the housing economy") focuses on researching and exploring ways of solving problems caused by the lack of private charging infrastructures in housing environments built using prefabricated construction methods. The concept covers a combination of charging facilities, car-sharing schemes and commercial/private multi-use scenarios for the electric vehicles. The idea is to use locally generated energy for the charging stations, with a focus on photovoltaic systems and appropriate energy storage solutions.

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