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Research & Innovation

The power to whip up a storm of enthusiasm from a light breeze

Berlin-based startup MOWEA is exhibiting its Champ 200 modular micro wind energy turbine at CeBIT 2017. The 200-Watt output is ample to charge batteries for electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, lamps and TVs.

18 Mar. 2017
Mowea Windkraftwerk Energy

MOWEA is currently developing the first modular micro wind energy turbines for use as a free-standing energy source or in tandem with existing solar home systems (SHS) to supply reliable, clean, safe and affordable energy in countries with poor access to energy grids. In Germany, MOWEA focuses mainly on developing decentralized smart energy systems and produces turbines for this purpose. These are specially designed to be extremely efficient and affordable for the end customer - for example by offering Pay2Go finance schemes. The Berlin-based startup is at CeBIT 2017 to showcase the MOWEA Champ 200 - a modular micro wind energy turbine that can generate 200 Watts.

The kind of application the MOWEA Champ 200 is ideal for is charging batteries for powering electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, lamps and TVs. The rotor blades’ optimized geometry and the custom-designed electronic control, which pinpoints the best direction for maximum efficiency (a particularly valuable feature at low wind speeds, of course), ensures MOWEA turbines achieve an extremely high energy yield. What’s more, MOWEA turbines are based on an innovative modular principle that enables users to add extra turbines to the system in stages in order to meet each and every energy requirement, Watt-ever the size.

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