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Unmanned Systems & Drones

The pilot is in Munich, the drone is in Berlin and the explanation is

Globe UAV GmbH is exhibiting a drone system at CeBIT 2017 that is based on the 4G LTE mobile Internet and will allow an operator in Munich to control a drone in Berlin.

13 Mar. 2017
Globe UAV unlimited range

The conventional 2.4 or 5.8 GHz radio systems used by drones tend to have the same problem - their signals are absorbed by buildings, trees and other obstacles, which sometimes reduces the range for remote control considerably, particularly in cities. Things are different for drones that use the system developed by Globe UAV. These lucky devices are controlled via the 4G LTE network and, thanks to the good coverage of the 4G LTE network, are perfectly equipped for operation in urban areas.

Unlike common point-to-point connections, the Globe UAV system can achieve an operational radius of up to 50 kilometers from the drone’s launch site. What’s more, that range is completely unaffected by the location of the pilot, who could be several hundred kilometers away from the drone he or she is flying. To make sure no third parties can interfere with operations, all the data transmissions between the ground station and the drone are encrypted and protected against unauthorized interference from outside. Nonetheless, the latency in real-time video transmission is on average just 100 milliseconds, which allows the operator to control the drone from a computer using a keyboard and mouse. What’s more, self-scaling video quality adapts to the current signal strength and allows data transmission up to full HD resolution. The drone itself records video in 4K Ultra HD and can transfer live still pictures of 12 MPix ad hoc.