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Customer Centricity

the Handelsblatt CEO Basecamp at CeBIT

Meeting point for the pioneers of the digital age

16 Mar. 2017

How do CEOs and Directors of companies such as Airbus or VW see their role in the digital age? What does Industry 4.0 and the disruption caused by companies like Google, Amazon and the like mean for the future of established German market leaders and how can the necessary change be shaped? How do business models, processes and corporate culture have to change to adapt to changing demands? The answers will be offered at the Handelsblatt CEO Basecamp, which will be bringing together more than 30 top managers from various sectors on March 20 at CeBIT in Hanover.

Among the highlights is the keynote speech by Dr. Karlheinz Blessing, VW Board member with HR and IT responsibilities, under the title "Digitale Transformation – Industrie und Arbeit im Wandel" (Engl: Digital Transformation – Industry and Work in Flux, and Dr. David Bosshart, CEO of the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, on the digital world before us, a discussion round with Handelsblatt publisher Gabor Steingart, Airbus Defence & Space CEO Dirk Hoke and Salesforce's head of the European business Miguel Milano on the subject "Pioniergeist im Zeitalter des Kunden" (Engl: Pioneer Spirit in the Age of the Customer).

Active role of the CEO is crucial for success in the d!conomy

If companies want to remain successful in the age of mobile, cloud and IoT, then these issues must become the concerns of their upper management. That is what this current PwC survey confirms, which interviewed nearly 2,000 business and IT managers from all over the world. PwC emphasizes that a correlation had already been established in the first edition of the 2007 study: when a CEO makes digitization an executive concern, financial performance is positively affected. An important reason for this is that CEOs pursue ambitious goals and drive necessary changes to a greater extent than other board members.

The customer must be at the focus – digital actionism only goes so far

According to PwC, however, many digitization projects are not yet running smoothly as they are not part of an overall strategy. This is a major problem since the more companies invest in digital technology and raise the expectations of customers, employees, shareholders and management boards, the more the pressure grows to make these investments profitable as quickly as possible. That is why it is critical not to charge into the adventure of digitization with an actionist mentality, but to place the added value for customers at the center of the digitization strategy.

More information on the CEO Basecamp at CeBIT is available here .