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Artificial Intelligence

The era of the robot starts now

Whoever saw robots like Pepper at CeBIT, knows that the machines will soon determine our everyday lives. Or what do you think?

16 Mar. 2016
CGC Pepper

A huge crowd at the Open Stage of the CeBIT Global Conferences 2016 was watching the secret star of CeBIT: robot Pepper. For days Peper has already been interacting with CeBIT visitors in the loft of the CeBIT Global Conferences . Now he (or she?) is on stage and steals the show.

Robots are on their way to the mainstream of society

What looks very playful, has a very real background: Robots are leaving the world of the science fiction and industrial factories and entering our homes and the centre of our society. This is at least the opinion of Professor Sami Haddadin on the Open Stage of the CeBIT Global Conferences. He gave a lecture on "Human Centered Robotics - entering the age of humans and robots".

Machines physically interact with humans

Robots are already present in many areas of life - from the manufacturing robots on the assembly line, robotic vacuum cleaners in households to medical robots for microsurgical procedures. But now an era where machines physically interact with humans is about to begin. You could see this when Chancellor Angela Merkel shook hands with the robot arm, at CeBIT.

Robots act autonomously

This will change our society radically, said Professor Haddadin. Technologies like Microsoft Kinect and Ocolus Rift demonstrate the future and how interaction with machines will change. In future, however, machines will operate independently and be able to support people - as for example, our CeBIT Star, Pepper.