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The digital working world: What role will humans play?

Technological progress needs to transform into societal progress, explains Christiane Benner, second chairperson of IG Metall. In the era of smart factories and market-dominating platforms, individual employees become a key focus.

05 Dec. 2017
Christiane Benner, Second Chairperson of IG Metall

"The effects of digitization on the working world are by no means technologically predetermined, but can be influenced," says Christiane Benner, the first woman to lead IG Metall. "More than ever before, the debate surrounding digitization has to place a stronger emphasis on people rather than technology".

In this debate, Benner is an influential voice. The discussion is about setting the agenda for the future of work. How can workplaces be secure when intelligent robots and systems are taking on more duties? What role will employee organizations and trade unions play? How does working independent of location shift the boundaries between working and private lives?

Christiane Benner takes clear stances. Above all, she is a firm supporter of more advanced training programs, providing social security for crowd and clickworkers, and protecting employees from digital monitoring in the workplace.

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