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Customer Centricity

The customer experience: Personal like never before

How to interact with your customers today: 1 : 1 customer journeys to sell, service and market like never before.

03 Feb. 2017

The technological revolutions of the recent years have completely changed customer behavior and expectations. And their demands on companies regarding accessibility, speed, personal advice and service will continue to grow. To stand out from their competitors companies therefore need to focus increasingly on customer experience rather than on traditional factors such as product or price. Young companies like Flixbus or FinanceFox show how modern technology can make the customer experience much easier, better and more personalized. Today personalization of products and services is one of the key value-add strategies.

Understand your customers needs and expectations

Making the right offer at the right time and the right place to your customers is becoming a decisive factor for companies of any size and business. Customers want to interact through the channel or device of their choice. Therefore, successful companies have to be wherever their customers are and personalize every aspect of the customer journey offering a seamless shopping experience across all touch points. Companies need to understand that each customer – B2B or B2C– has specific expectations, needs and demands - and therefore wants to be treated as an individual.

The 11 commandments for customer satisfaction

What customers are expecting today is illustrated by the study "11 Commandments for Customer Satisfaction" conducted for Salesforce by the market researchers of YouGov: Confidence, transparency and reliability are the top priorities for B2B and B2C customers. In addition, companies have to be accessible for their customers anytime and anywhere. This is even more important for business customers than for private consumers – they need immediate support and cannot wait – they expect a self-service option connected with their customer history. Both groups expect to interact with companies via their preferred communication channels.

Companies need a 360 degree customer view

A unified platform such as Salesforce empowers companies to offer their customers personalized, seamless and relevant experiences across all touch points of the customer journey anywhere and anytime - regardless of the communication channel. Each customer interaction provides insights enabling companies to better understand the needs of their customers for the next offer. Team members have a complete and single view of each customer and can see updates in real time. Even data streams from machines and products can be connected with the CRM helping companies to better understand the customer’s usage behavior and to permanently optimize the customer experience.

Join us in Hall 9 to learn and see how to connect with your customers in a whole new way at Salesforce World 2017 @ CeBIT - we look forward to seeing you!

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