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OpenStack & Open Source

The best open source solutions for your digital enterprise

Your company located in or next to Bavaria has an advantage of location – this region has an enormously strong economy and is full of energy. Bavarias change from an agricultural country to the technical center in germany is pathbreaking. Digitalization now plays a prominent role in all areas. Thus many companies decide to gear their business processes towards the future. Along with that also the demands on proper systems.

12 Jan. 2017 Jörg Lorenz
Open source solutions | source: IT IS AG
Source: IT IS AG

Whether being a startup or a middle-class enterprise – in most cases the success of enterprises is ascribable to breaking new ground and strategies at focussing to the core. The processes have to flow smoothly, what shows how important a modern system is for a success-oriented enterprise. Indicators is a modular architecture and customizable components your company can grow with. Especially suitable therefore is a open source solution which possibilities of insight make company-specific characteristics representable.

Openness: a general thought, you should consider by choosing your systems.

Open source is often equalized with a low price or licences at no charge, but that is not the most important. Openness of the solution for the rapid changes of time, intuitive handling and a high data security which complies with regulations of the particular country. In Germany these are especially high.

Furthermore the implementation should be uncomplicated an gradual. The import of data from the earlier system is a prerequisite. While you‘re at integrating a new system it should cover all necessary business areas so that you don‘t have to aquire an extra system for one area.

You‘ve got a website, a webshop and a POS? No problem – nowadays all of that can be integrated in one single system.

Interfaces to document management systems like Alfresco or modules for simplificating the communication and data exchange with your tax adviser like DATEF or ZUGFeRD are often useful. In case your company grows it shouldn‘t be a problem to keep using the same system.

If you want to reach your system from your home office or en route a web based application would be ideal. Whether you should use hardware or virtual systems and their dimensioning depends on the affliction on your system.

With the subject hosting the question arises whether the system should be run by yourself our hosting (private cloud) would be the better option.

Important: There are many hosting provider. Choose preferably a systems house for your hosting because they are specialized for the hosted system. Besides the spatial and technical possibilities it has the required know-how to run your ERP system in the hosting scenario and serves thereby as a capable counterpart during the running. For example we are offering trainings in handling the system so that you can take advantage of all possibilities.

Also some of our customers had these requirements. Following we will show you two examples.

Because the existing ERP system didn‘t meet the requirements of customer number one, a mid-sized company with 50 users, to a business system, Odoo was implemented. Since document management of relevant documents was asked Alfresco was integrated as a DMS and integrated in Odoo. Files can be deposited at customers respectively sales orders and therewith are available for the production.

Customer number two, a german institution with more than 300,000 employees, was looking for a document management system for internal use, to optimize and structure the repository of documents. Confidental information should be filed too, what focused the athorizations on sites and documents. The DMS is supervised and administrated by the customer himself, wherefore a respective training for administrators and key-user was necessary. Also in this case the requirements could be accomplished on the basis of Odoo and the connection of Alfresco.

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