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Tenrocket: from idea to app in just 10 days

When speed really counts, Tenrocket helps you find developers who can build a web app or mobile app in just 10 days at a fixed price.

09 Jan. 2016 Kim Rixecker

An idea for an app is only worth something if you can put it into practice. Two factors are key in many cases: either implementation is very expensive, or it seems to take forever. And often both of these are true. Tenrocket aims to speed up the process with a promise to implement app ideas in just ten days – and for a fixed fee of USD 10,000.

Naturally, a full-featured wonder can't be implemented in just ten days, but that is not the objective. Instead, Tenrocket connects you with a developer who implements a minimum viable product (MVP) in the promised ten days. An MVP is a product that fulfills the minimum requirements; additional features can be added later.

MVP: Tenrocket builds your app in just ten days. (Illustration: Tenrocket)

Tenrocket connects you with developers

As stated, Tenrocket does not make the apps themselves. Instead, they act as an intermediary between clients and selected developers, who must also be available to the client after the first version is finished. Of course, that phase involves additional costs. If the app built within the ten days does not meet spec, the client can look for another developer to implement the project at no additional cost. If that also fails to meet expectations, Tenrocket will reimburse 110% of the original investment to compensate the client for the lost time.

Tenrocket’s success will ultimately depend on the quality of the delivered work. As examples of apps produced by Tenrocket developers, the company mentions PhoSho and Rolecall .