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Telephones can save lives!

This is truer than ever with the aid of an ingenious solution that turns smartphones or tablets into mobile ECG monitors, as developed by Personal MedSystems GmbH and showcased at CeBIT 2017.

17 May. 2017

Paramedics often refer to the "golden hour", which is the window of opportunity to save critically ill patients. A prime example is the irreparable, even fatal, damage that can be caused to the heart muscle if emergency aid is delayed in the case of a heart attack. Of course, the general public is not trained to correctly interpret the nature, intensity and frequency of symptoms, which makes it difficult to assess the severity of a medical incident. This uncertainty prompted Personal MedSystems GmbH from Frankfurt am Main to develop CardioSecur, which it showcased at SCALE11 during CeBIT 2017.

During a potential emergency cardiac incident, CardioSecur converts any smartphone or tablet into a mobile ECG monitor that will advise within 30 seconds whether medical assistance is required. The simplicity of this clinical diagnosis makes the CardioSecur as easy to use for patients as trained medics. Two versions of the CardioSecur are adapted to suit these different user groups - the PRO for medical professionals and the ACTIVE for patients. The key difference lies in the display. While an easily understandable traffic light signal advises patients in their own homes, doctors are shown the actual ECG trace. The ACTIVE version also records the detailed results in a PDF file, which can be sent to the patient's doctor.