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Big Data & Business Intelligence

Stirring up business with artificial intelligence

Goodbye, Excel spreadsheet! Inspirient and its software are transforming business intelligence, using artificial intelligence to analyze all kinds of data sets and reveal trends that would otherwise remain hidden. A smooth path to success?

26 Jan. 2017

There are many business intelligence tools on the market. George, what exactly does Inspirient do?

Inspirient Teambild Gründerszene
The Inspirient-Team: Grigori Gajdukow, Dr. Georg Wittenburg and Dr. Guillaume Aimetti (Photo:

The basic idea behind Inspirient is the automated search for unique features, patterns or insights in any data sets. We apply artificial intelligence to almost every analysis step that would normally be carried out by people. This works for any kind of data, from sales, marketing, human resources or from outside the company.

AI as data analyst: Is this what differentiates you from your competitors?

As odd as it sounds, for us AI is more a means to an end than the ultimate characteristic that defines us. What differentiates our company in the market is far more the automation that AI makes possible. AI is already well known in the field of big data, where many excellent specialized programs already exist. We see our software as more generalist: The program performs fully automated standard business analyses and immediately uncovers particularities that people would normally overlook – because humans simply don't have the time to search for them. Users can discover direct connections that might not otherwise come to light, and can then focus on thinking about how to respond to or utilize them.

Sounds like a simple equation: People feed data into the software, and AI filters out patterns worth noticing. What does this work look like during a usual day with Inspirient?

Gründerszene Inspirient Tisch
Work efficiently instead of wrestling with spreadsheets: Inspirient's AI presents analyses in a simple and easy to understand format.

Our users can access the software either via the cloud or as an on-premise solution. The principle is the same either way: Data is entered in spreadsheet form, the servers perform the intensive calculations, and the program delivers its results in the form of presentation slides just a little while later. In a format that decision-makers can use immediately. Inspirient identifies business developments that are worth a second look, helps in thinking outside the box, and can potentially reveal new business models or target groups.

Before founding Inspirient you worked as business consultants. Is that how you got the idea for AI-supported data analysis?

That was indeed our starting point. As consultants we often had to spend long nights battling with Excel spreadsheets. We thought: If AI can drive cars autonomously, why couldn't it also do data analysis? Then you can shorten the usual cycles of manual work and circumvent the analysis and feedback spirals. At SCALE11 2016 we received plenty of support for this idea. Industrial firms especially gave us very positive feedback. That showed us that the need is there and we're on the right path.

SCALE11 was the first event where your startup was presented to a broad public. How did that help you in your founding phase?

We spoke with lots of different people at the fair: with industry representatives, other startups, interested trade professionals, and so on. Their feedback helped us to target Inspirient's further development. And the trade show was particularly helpful when it came to finding investors: People were open to new ideas, actively looking for inspiration and innovations, and quickly became excited about our plans.

Why are you back at SCALE11 again this year?

Because of our completely positive experience last year. The advantages speak for themselves: direct contact with important decision-makers from local industry, a strong B2B focus and a large audience of professionals. Simply put, you get to talk to people and are referred to other contacts in their companies. Looking for customers and investors was easy at SCALE 11.

What are your plans for the future?

We want to continue working on our product and establish ourselves as a partner to consulting firms. With our software they can save time and money and work more effectively. We're continuing to grow, a little bit away from pure technical services and towards process support.

We want to make our product easier to use, so that it can ultimately be implemented by the management of any small business: data analysis for all. And SCALE11 plays a central role for us in opening up dialogue and acquiring customers.

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