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Digitale Transformation

Status quo slowing down digital business models

Two thirds of managers in Germany believe digitization can speed up innovation. The only problem: Just as many estimate the level of innovation of their own organization to be either average or weak.

20 Oct. 2017
Source: metaBeratung

For the " Digital Agenda 2020 " study, IT consultancy DXC Technology surveyed 300 managers responsible for decision-making in the area of digital transformation.

Only just under 10% of them indicated that they have already achieved a top level of innovation in collaboration with creative minds.

"This applies both within company organizations and to external partners"
Dr. Martin Eldracher from DXC Technology

Among other things, traditional structures apparently make digitization difficult. According to managers, one stumbling block is that executive management lacks the vision necessary to develop new digital business models. And if such a project does get off the ground, the practical risk of traditional company management vetoing the whole endeavor is high. "Everything is fine," goes the common argument. After all, these are usually established processes that work (for now), but will have to be adapted for the future. Consultants recommend the following guideline: "Think big, start small, test early on and scale successes quickly."

But the surveyed decision-makers also had to take a look in the mirror: metaBeratung asked over 1,000 managers how well they themselves are prepared for the digital age. The result: 92% said they have already felt the effects of digital transformation in their company. But 40% are just now beginning to prepare.