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Internet of Things

Smart cards enhance their performance

Intelligent chip cards such as battery-free Go-ID! smart cards from Bundesdruckerei allow companies to control access and record times.

08 Feb. 2016 Andreas Dumont

In this age of global industrial espionage, companies are well advised to equip their employees with reliable authorization tools such as smart cards. Such cards guarantee that only authorized personnel have access to the company or can operate equipment. It is also possible to authenticate objects, and they can also be used for time tracking.

Bundesdruckerei has developed a multifunctional, battery-free smart card called Go ID!. It features a microprocessor, security chip, storage, antenna, fingerprint sensor and display. It thereby meets all the conditions to be considered a "system on document". In this case the smart card is the document.

System on document

The approach has several advantages. Smart cards that integrate the necessary components are not only user-friendly, they provide outstanding security. Biometric data is processed entirely on the smart card. It is captured, safely stored, verified and compared on the chip only.

The fingerprint sensor on the Go ID! enables two-factor verification. Instead of controlling access to a server by entering a password, a fingerprint can also be required to verify the employee’s identity. Users only need to place their finger on the integrated sensor. The fingerprint is verified on the smart card itself. The result is encrypted and sent to external readers as "verified" or "not verified". It is not possible to gain illegal access to personal data stored on devices using "system on document".

In addition to "system on document", chip cards also use "tem¬plate on document" and "match on document". With "tem¬plate on document" only master data is stored on the card. Data capture and verification are carried out externally. With "match on document" for example fingerprints or other biometric data is verified on the card directly. Data capture is carried out separately.

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