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Security VIPs on stage at CGC

PGP and Blackphone creator Phil Zimmermann is one of the keynote speakers at CeBIT Global Conferences in Hall 8.

18 Jan. 2016

"We live in a pervasive surveillance society," says Phil Zimmermann, creator of the successful encryption software Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). Among the world’s most famous cryptographer’s latest projects is the "Blackphone2", a smartphone that promises no-holds-barred privacy protection. Zimmermann’s "silent phone" even claims to be the world’s most secure mobile phone for business communication. Both products were developed by the encrypted communications firm Silent Circle, which was cofounded by Zimmermann in 2012. The company is based in Geneva – and not without cause: Switzerland, CeBIT’s 2016 Partner Country is famous for its high privacy protection standards.

On Wednesday, March 16, 2016 Phil Zimmermann will be speaking on the center stage at CeBIT Global Conferences . The event in Hall 8 is a highlight of CeBIT’s conference program. On three stages international speakers from business and politics will be addressing major issues in the digital world.

Another well-known name at the special " Security " display at CeBIT Global Conferences is Christian Fredrikson, CEO of F-Secure. The Finnish company’s portfolio boasts online security solutions and privacy protection. F-Secure focuses on IT security measures, which are becoming increasingly necessary due to increasing integration in the Internet of Things.

Other speakers at CeBIT Global Conferences include Kevin Mahaffey, CTO of the mobile phone security specialist Lookout, and Peter Leppelt, Managing Director of the German startup Qabel. This firm has developed a software platform designed to encrypt digital communications – for added security in smart homes, online banking, and e-mails.

CeBIT Global Conferences will also look at IT security from the perspective of the user. Under the tagline "Transparency as the raw material for digital change", the "Open Stage" is hosting a series of presentations on the impact of technology on work and leisure in the digital age. The topics under discussion include digital patient records, the smart home, and connected cars.