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Artificial Intelligence

Salaries up to $500k a year: Silicon Valley rolls out red carpet for A

The search for AI specialists is intense, as Silicon Valley major tech enterprises outbid themselves in an attempt to snare the best talent.

21 Nov. 2017 Source: t3n Kim Rixecker
Google are offering top salaries to AI experts (Source: Shutterstock)

Frantic search for AI talent

Whether it’s Microsoft, Google, Facebook or Apple: All major tech companies and even much smaller ones are investing enormous sums in the development of artificial intelligence (AI). This is also evident in the job market: According to a report in the New York Times , AI specialists will now be able to earn 300,000 to 500,000 dollars a year from the major technology enterprises. Apart from young talents who have just completed their Ph.D. and are recruited directly from the campus, this includes AI experts without a Ph.D. and just a few years of professional experience.

Leading AI lights will receive even higher salaries and, in some cases, stock options worth tens of millions over a period of four to five years. An example of this wage cost explosion has been brought by Google's AI research center Deepmind. According to Google, 400 people are employed there and the personnel costs amount to USD 138 million – equating to an average annual salary of 345,000 dollars.

AI boom has an impact on managerial salaries as well

As usual, the top of the pyramid is also profiting from the AI boom. Anthony Levandowski received $120 million annually as head of the Google department dedicated to building self-propelled cars before founding his own company in May 2016, which was then taken over by Uber in July 2016. This is also an important reason for the dream salaries: In addition to the tech industry, the automotive industry is also investing more heavily in AI, thus putting it in direct recruiting competition with Google, Microsoft and Co.