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Robots choose: Is traditional recruiting a thing of the past?

Robots choose: Is traditional recruiting a thing of the past?

09 Nov. 2016 Jörn Brien
Recruiting: Robots may soon replace conventional headhunters. (Photo: Shutterstock-racorn)

New trend: Robotic recruiting

Many companies already have trouble finding the right candidates for open jobs quickly – particularly when it comes to recruiting skilled professionals. Fully 80 percent of employees who earn between €60,000 and €120,000 annually are not looking for new work. Across Germany there are 300,000 hard-to-fill positions in this category, which is why companies are turning more and more to robotic recruiting, as reported by Wirtschaftswoche magazine .

The situation: According to studies, job postings are less and less successful, and traditional job applications may soon be obsolete. Instead, HR recruiting is destined for comprehensive personalization, where a software application searches in social networks like Facebook, Xing or Linkedin for candidates with the desired skills, who according to Wirtschaftswoche then receive job offers that are automatically tailored to them. The system learns, and also recognizes when an employee might be planning their next career move.

Combining recruiting with information searches

It is also possible to imagine that searching for potential new workers might be combined with other services in the future. If a Romanian elder care provider searches for information about a tourist site in Germany, then she might be shown matching job offers near there in the future – along with suggested moving companies and a language class. Small artisan and skilled craft companies desperately looking for workers or buyers could use a similar approach.