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Right on the button!

This year sees tapdo making its CeBIT premiere at SCALE11. tapdo is a smart button developed by a company of the same name that can control a whole range of apps and functions on the basis of various biometric features.

05 Apr. 2017
tapado the ingenious button

Fingerprint sensors have well and truly arrived as an everyday authentication solution and are being used to unlock a whole host of even low-cost consumer products. However, up until now, virtually all applications have focused on just one fingertip, with all the other parts of the hand completely ignored. All in all, there is some way to go until the interaction potential of fingerprint sensors can be extended to the whole hand. Instead, the smartphone itself is used as a remote control for a wide variety of other smart devices. It’s a popular solution, but not exactly ideal. What most users want is an ultra-simple and intuitive way to control their apps and devices. At least, that must have been how the team at startup firm tapdo technologies saw things when they dreamt up the idea of the tapdo button. The end result of their ingenuity is a smart button that can do much more besides authenticate device users - it also offers a rapid, distraction-free and discrete way to interact with a variety of apps and functions.

tapdo is at SCALE11, the startup hub at CeBIT, to show how its button scans the biometric features of various fingers so that they can be assigned to a wide range of functions. For example, you might want to use the tip of your little finger to fire up the music player on your smartphone, your thumb to switch on the lights in your smart home and your middle finger to... well, that's entirely up to you. The tapdo button and smartphone connect via Bluetooth, while the smart button, which features vibration feedback, can be worn on a wrist strap or clipped to clothing. The tapdo button has been on sale through Kickstarter since 28 March 2017 with prices starting from 99 euros. Early adopters who invest in the product can expect to take delivery of their tapdo - including battery and wriststrap - in September 2017.