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CeBIT Global Conferences

Ray Kurzweil to speak at the CeBIT Global Conferences

Neural networks and deep learning are revolutionizing businesses and their products. Service robots are taking on ever-more tasks, many of them skilled. And, thanks to artificial intelligence, it won’t be too many years before machines reach human levels of intelligence. Remarkable improvements in human health and well-being will follow. Overly optimistic? Not according to IT futurist Ray Kurzweil.

25 Jan. 2017
Ray Kurzweil
Inventor, Author and futurist Ray Kurzweil to speak at the CeBIT Global Conferences.

Ray Kurzweil holds honorary doctorates at 21 universities and won the 2015 Technical Grammy Award. The Wall Street Journal calls him the "restless genius," and Forbes has dubbed him "the ultimate thinking machine" and Inc. Magazine calls him "the rightful heir to Thomas Edison". He's Ray Kurzweil, a Director of Engineering at Google, and co-founder of Silicon Valley's Singularity University.

And he will be speaking on Wednesday, 22 March, at the 2017 round of the CeBIT Global Conferences in Hannover, Germany.

Nanobots will connect our brains to the Internet

Kurzweil is an inventor, futurist, tech visionary and world-renowned expert in artificial intelligence. He predicts in the 2030s we have nanorobots in our blood stream that will augment our immune system keeping us healthy, providing virtual and augmented reality from within the nervous system, and connect us to the Internet, effectively rendering today's ubiquitous and seemingly indispensable smartphones obsolete. Computers and AI will continue to grow exponentially greatly expanding human capabilities.

This mind-bogglingly rapid pace of technological development in the 21st Century is also the main theme of Kurzweil's keynote at the upcoming CeBIT Global Conferences. Kurzweil will explore the ways in which these revolutionary changes will transform business and society. And while the predicted changes will have profound social and philosophical implications, the keynote address will focus on an optimistic vision of the future which will provide radical abundance for the human population. If you want to find out immediately what this means for you and your business, you can catch Ray Kurzweil's exclusive guest appearance at the CeBIT Global Conference and take an exhilarating look into the digital crystal ball.

Kurzweil has a string of pioneering achievements to his name, including the invention of the world's first CCD flatbed scanner and the first commercially marketed large-vocabulary speech recognition system. He is also the author of several best-selling books, including How to Create a Mind - The Secret of Human Thought Revealed. Published in 2012, the book deals with reverse-engineering the brain to create vastly more intelligent machines.