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Protect it the Sengi way!

A smart little mammal that guards its habitat by constructing a network of pathways lends its name to the ultra-secure, easy-to-operate SENGI collaboration tools, which not only encrypt all data but also fragment them for distribution across disparate data centers throughout Germany.

21 Mar. 2017
Sengi Logo

Sengi GmbH, a spin-off from the University of Halle, unveiled its concept for an ultra-secure cloud solution as a collaboration tool for decentralized teams at CeBIT 2016. This year, it is showcasing the beta version, also called SENGI. The developers of SENGI were convinced of the need for companies’ applications to be both secure and yet easy to operate. After all, what use is a sophisticated security strategy if its complexity tempts people to resort to a convenient but risky alternative? Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal is the perfect example of the fallout such behavior can cause.

The principle behind SENGI is incredibly smart. The system not only encrypts all data, but also splits it into countless fragments for distribution across disparate data centers - but don't worry, only in Germany! These three steps ensure data is not vulnerable even if a storage center breaks down or is hacked. "With SENGI, we offer an ultra-secure cloud service and a user-friendly collaboration tool for mobile work and decentralized teams that can be integrated into any existing IT infrastructure without a great deal of outlay for use on all end devices, whatever the platform," explains Franz Weisbrich. "SENGI works rather like a RAID system, but in an end-to-end encrypted cloud with zero knowledge privacy. The key to the data remains firmly in the hands of the user, as even we have no access at any point." Right now, Sengi GmbH is implementing the first solutions for SMEs. And the system’s a runaway hit. Thanks to the integrated platform in Windows Explorer or Finder, staff in SMEs are able to stick with their familiar working environment while benefiting from high-level availability of company data wherever they are. What’s more, SMEs' IT administrators enjoy the ease with which SENGI is installed, with just a few clicks of the mouse, combined with its maintenance-free operation. The powers-that-be at the NCapital Investor Conference were so impressed with this ingenious solution that they chose Sengi GmbH as one of eight startups offered the opportunity to present their projects to an exclusive group of potential investors on CeBIT Monday.