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Business Security

Password? What password?

Before computers, a good, solid lock and key were all you needed to protect your worldly possessions and confidential information. These days, everything seems to rest precariously on a simple series of characters – the password. Systola GmbH is at CeBIT 2017 to showcase a different way of doing things.

23 Feb. 2017
Business Security SystoLock Passwort

It’s no secret – small and mid-size enterprises have long since been a target for industrial spies. And no matter how well secured your infrastructure is, there will always be a weak link – people. So how do you stop unauthorized parties from getting hold of employee passwords? Systola GmbH from Hamburg thinks the best solution is to do away with them altogether and the company is at CeBIT 2017 to exhibit its alternative – SystoLOCK. This solution uses OTP apps such as Google Authenticator to enable simple, cost-effective, transparent and robust multi-factor authentication for all resources in a network. What’s more, unlike previous MFA solutions, it completely eliminates passwords.

SystoLOCK is already patent pending and is being supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics. As a revolutionary solution for strong multi-factor authentication in Microsoft Windows-based environments, SystoLOCK is set to open a new chapter in IT security. In fact, according to its developers, SystoLOCK is the first system of its type that is able to ban unsafe passwords completely from the network. Thanks to the solution, employees can use two factors to log into all the resources of a company, whether logging into their own PC, accessing Exchange, web and file services or launching a Remote Desktop session – all without having to rely on unsecure passwords or costly smartcard systems. SystoLOCK supports OTP apps and hardware tokens and – unlike current MFA solutions – uses the native PKI functionality of Windows. As a result, SystoLOCK doesn’t need to be adapted to the existing server infrastructure and protects all login dialogues and protocols by default, including NLA for RDP, which makes SystoLOCK completely transparent for users and administrators.