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Outsmarting thieves!

Vodafone is installing innovative mobile technology in many of the new Tmax bikes from Yamaha to provide a whole host of convenient functions – most importantly long-term anti-theft protection.

22 Mar. 2017
Yamaha Vodafone Diebstahl-Schutz

The figures are alarming – 26,000 scooters and motorcycles were stolen in Germany alone in 2015 – and only one in five of the thefts has been resolved. Yamaha and Vodafone are now joining forces to lock out even the most flagrant of thieves with a virtual padlock – My TMAX Connect, which is on show at CeBIT 2017 in Hannover. Installed initially in the new Yamaha TMAX SX and TMAX DX models, the Vodafone technology uses a smartphone app called My TMAX Connect to permanently network riders with their bikes. Besides anti-theft elements, the technology also offers a whole range of services and functions that ensure owners are always in complete control of their vehicle, whether via digital trip reports packed with data about the routes traveled or notifications about a low battery charge. What’s more, owners who can never quite remember where in a huge parking lot they left their beloved ride can simply activate the blinkers and horn remotely from their app.

There are also several features geared toward the fundamental purpose of this system – improved anti-theft protection. For example, the owner can set up geo fences to specify a particular radius of movement and, if the bike crosses one of these fences, he or she is immediately notified. If the bike is stolen, the user can send an alert to the Vodafone security center direct from the app and the security center will then locate the vehicle and notify the police. The security center is also automatically notified whenever the bike is started by a means other than the regular ignition key. What’s more, riders can use the app to activate a digital immobilizer that prevents anyone starting the vehicle. This end-to-end IoT solution from Vodafone consists of a telematics box, a SIM card, the smartphone app My TMAX Connect and security centers across the whole of Europe. Ultimately, stolen vehicles can be tracked down and recovered even when in a different country.