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One-stop shop for file management and transaction processing

Anyone with the job of processing files and transactions requires a system that offers fast and easy steps and which provides the oppor-tunity to quickly establish the current processing stage and be alerted when new documents are created or existing ones changed. The ELO eFile offers mechanisms which provide the ideal support to people who process files.

14 Feb. 2017
Source: n-komm
Source: n-komm

If the user has activated the alert function for a particular file, he or she is automatically informed of any new documents in an eFile or whether an existing document there has been modified.

Apart from providing information on new and modified documents, a state-of-the-art system also needs to allow users to process and man-age transactions and business routines. This is one of the great strengths of the ELO eFile.

The user can select from a pool of predefined transactions and business routines, update them as required, or alternatively create new ones. The user is guided by an intuitive user interface and familiar administrative terms which eliminate the need to learn any “outside” workflow tools that are foreign to the in-house process.

An exemplary case involves processing inquiries from local residents. Each inquiry is assigned to a new process which is passed along for processing and answering to all of the local government offices and departments involved, until a decision is taken and a written reply formulated. During every processing step, government employees can append signatures (co-signatures, approvals) or directives as fixed or optional intermediate steps. This makes the administrative signoff on an employee’s reply fast, easy and transparent. And the process is smooth, thanks to the continuity of media used.

Apart from these process-related strengths, the ELO eFile offers a number of additional ad-vantages, for instance when organizing employ-ee access to files. Each user can call up the files, processes and documents that are important to his or her work in a self-designed view and there, manage it irrespective of the actual electronic "filing location" (in a file plan). This streamlines file access and management and takes into account the strong demand for individualized file access options.

Interfaces to special applications, mail systems or office applications are also important for a complete and user-friendly eFile management system.

The system provides interfaces to special appli-cations to ensure that documents and information from those applications are automatically fed into the respective file, for instance the inclusion of personnel information and documents in an electronic personnel file.

And interfaces to mail systems and office appli-cations allow the user to create new documents (letters, e-mails etc.) directly or add them to the file subsequently.

The ELO eFile offers any person processing files the required set of tools and supports their work with a state-of-the-art, intuitive user interface.