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Not dead yet and still good for business

Entire industries are driven by hype to follow the next new thing. A big mistake, according to Lars Budde. He pleads for more distance and perspective.

04 Oct. 2016 Lars Budde
Casualties of the hype stream. (Photo: iStockPhoto)

Nothing got more hype in 2016 than Pokemon Go. The game's release dominated the social networks. Publishers reported one record after another: the most downloads , the most active users , the biggest sales . Then things quieted down and started dropping off.

Pokemon Go experienced setbacks: fewer downloads, fewer users, fewer sales. Media makers and self publishers went back to discussing their own experiences and current figures on their websites and social networks.

They shaped the image we have now: that Pokemon Go was a success that went far too quickly into decline. But therein lies the crux of the matter, the error in our thinking. Because this impression created by news and posts and tweets is incomplete.

Pokemon Go spent 74 days at first place in the US sales rankings and still has 30 million active users . In August, 28 percent of all sales generated by in-app purchases in mobile games went to Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go. TWENTY-EIGHT PERCENT!

The real aces are above all the hype

The absurd gap between perception and reality is shown in these numbers. They demonstrate how wide the distance can be between perception here... reality there. And where are we in all this? Led up the garden path!

The same rules apply here as in almost any industry: new is only good until it's old. Then we're back to riding the next wave and lose our sense of the big picture. Digital marketing is a good illustration of this trend-driven nonsense.

The industry hovers and spins around new channels and buzzwords. No one really knows what's happening, or in fact why. But if you're hip you join in. If everyone's talking about it, it must be good!

Meanwhile, reality lies hidden between news and posts and tweets, away from the hype and buzzwords. Channels long declared dead still generate huge sales, and are still on growth curves.

So just turn off the noise, lean back, and get a little distance from it all. Success is the result of a good strategy, not a quick fix or a growth hack. The real aces are above all the hype.