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CEBIT Global Conferences

Nicklas Bergman on the "Tech Storm": No fear of change

Nicklas Bergman already has an RFID chip implanted in his hand, wears several wearables - and advocates at the CeBIT Global Conferences for an optimistic use of modern technology.

15 Mar. 2016
Nicklas Bergmann Day 2.0
Nicklas Bergman

We are in the midst of a "Tech Storm", a technological storm that will sweep away almost everything we take for granted today. This is the basic thesis of his book "Surviving the Tech Storm" which Nicklas Bergman discussed on the Open Stage of the CeBIT Global Conferences 2016 .

Although this Tech Storm is unstoppable, you should never see it as a negative. "The biggest risk is to be stuck in old technology."

Technology will affect all aspects of our lives

Bergman advocated passionately to deal with disruptive technology and see how it will change all aspects of our lives. He gave the example of driverless cars that will sweep away all manner of transport planning and individual traffic. "My children will probably never have a driving licence," Bergman said. "Instead, they will call a self-driving car, when they need it." This will be directly related to less traffic accidents in the future.

The use of technology is up to us all

"It is in the hands of all of us, how we want to deal with future technology," Bergman said. "If one is not willing to cope with new technology, it will still happen, like it or not. So do not be afraid of the future, but do not stick to the past. "

He also had one piece of advice for manufacturers of technology: "Make sure that you don’t make your technology scary." And as an experienced tech investor, he recommended watching technology from a business perspective based on three aspects: Timing, Business model and a Strategy to deal with all uncertainties.

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