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Smart Services

New apps make mixed farming easier

In terms of digitalization, farming is on a par with industry. Apart from system solutions, practical little immediate aides are also available for farm work or animal health.

30 Oct. 2017
Source: Farmdok
Source: Farmdok

Digital solutions promise farming more cost-efficient work methods, higher earnings and better quality produce. While, for example, the use of drones to monitor plant health involves a comparatively high level of initial expenditure, farmers are able to work using the mobile apps offered by the FARMDOK (from Austria) and VirtualVet (from Ireland) start-ups, immediately, without confronting any major hurdles and even free of charge to a limited extent.

The FARMDOK system can be installed on most smartphones. It fully automatically logs the worked area, the time spent working and the amount of farm fertilizer used while the farmer drives over the field on his tractor. Thanks to GPS tracking, he - or a field hand employed by him - can document precisely what fields he has worked.

The VirtualVet app has been specially developed for use in livestock farming. It aims to help stock farmers combat drug resistance. The application records the type and amount of drugs administered. This works best for those farmers who upload photos of the drugs, combined with individual notes, to their user accounts. This service is even completely free of charge.