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Artificial Intelligence

naon, I'm home!

Rostock-based PipesBox GmbH is appearing at CeBIT 2016 with naon - a smart living system designed to boost comfort and convenience within the home. The system covers a range of functions for simplifying everyday tasks, enhancing security or just enjoying life.

16 Mar. 2016

The concept of the smart home is now well established, yet despite the efforts of many companies in the field, it often seems there are only two options - the "nerd" kit for geeks, tinkerers and expert programmers, or the luxury all-in-one version for those for whom money’s no object. The uncharted territory between the two thus leaves a major gap in the market - and a key opportunity for startups. Having grasped this potential, Rostock-based PipesBox GmbH is at CeBIT this year to showcase the latest crowdfunded developments for the naon smart living system.

naon is specifically designed to maximize comfort and convenience within the home environment. With this in mind, the smart living solution delivers and analyzes a range of processes for simplifying everyday tasks, enhancing security or just enjoying life. Users have full control over the desired features and can use the naon Market free app store to select the system applications that best meet their individual requirements. For instance, searching for a term such as "mold prevention" will flag up an app that automatically monitors air quality and alerts the user when ventilation is necessary. As naon comes equipped with a selection of air quality, temperature and humidity sensors, it is perfect for this kind of purpose. What’s more, it takes just one click to install each newly selected app on the naon system.

PipesBox GmbH (18059 Rostock, Germany), Hall 11, Stand D57 (3)