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Partner Country Japan

Multi-level focus on partner country Japan

Among all the visionary exhibits at CeBIT 2017, smolia seems to stand out from the crowd and go against the grain of this high-tech world. Yet a closer look reveals how it focuses on a key feature of this year’s partner country Japan.

16 Mar. 2017
3R Smolia Partnerland Japan

Japan unites tradition and a firm faith in progress like almost no other country. This dichotomy has now spawned a product that affirms Japan’s outstanding reputation in the field of optics and simultaneously benefits large sections of the population of the partner country for CeBIT 2017. We are talking about smolia, a focusable magnifying glass with LED lighting. The Smart Magnifier Of Life Assistance, which gives rise to the acronym smolia, has the potential to considerably improve the quality of life not only in Japan, where the average age keeps on climbing and people’s vision (like everywhere else) deteriorates further with age.

smolia is produced by 3R Systems Corporation from Fukuoka, which already boasts a successful track record in microscopy and endoscopy. The original target audience was professional users in industry, as a microscope attachment for detailed inspections, for example. But smolia has also proved its potential to be extremely useful in many everyday situations. The latest version, called smolia tzc, on show at CeBIT 2017 is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery and is exceptionally versatile thanks to its zoom lens, which makes the magnification adjustable.


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