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Morals Gone Out the Window?

As much as we love big data, the new possibilities for society and the economy also have their downsides. "We have to decide how we want to live in the future," says SAP's Rolf Schumann.

19 Mar. 2015

A totally connected world can be quite practical. While you’re still sitting in the waiting room, your doctor already knows your blood sugar levels over the past few weeks, your pulse, your family medical history, etc. Health care can be so precisely tailored to each individual. Big data saves lives! But what happens if all this personal data suddenly ends up in the hands of insurance companies – or a prospective employer?

Self-Tracking Our Personal Metrics

We analyze ourselves with wearables, disclose our location online, or capture our fitness data with an armband. Is this really necessary? Do the benefits really outweigh the potential consequences? Does big data turn us into human machines with only performance in mind?

In an emotional plea at CeBIT, SAP expert Rolf Schumann calls for a greater sense of responsibility within our digital society. His talk leaves us contemplating how the data revolution affects us all.

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Pic: SAP