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Mobile commerce trends 2016: mobile web overtaking apps

A recent report details the 2016 trends that mobile commerce dealers can't afford to miss.

29 Feb. 2016 Jörn Brien

Mobile commerce: Massive potential

Anyone who wants to be successful at selling in 2016 needs to rely more on mobile buyers – even if their conversion rate is much lower than with online shopping on a computer. One of the 2016 mobile commerce trends is that the search for better solutions for mobile payment must continue. The holiday shopping season in the US showed how important mobile shopping can be. Smartphones accounted for 57 percent of traffic and 30 percent of sales there – a huge potential.

Mobile commerce: The boundaries between the online and real worlds are blurring. (Illustration: Moovweb)

Another of the seven 2016 mobile commerce trends in the Moovweb report was the continued merging of the physical and online worlds. Because more and more people have mobile devices, not only is the importance of mobile shopping growing, but also that of interactions with retailers and brands. Brick-and-mortar retailers with online shops are expected to merge these two worlds more fully over the coming months by enabling online reservations for later purchase in the store, or same-day delivery models, for example. Beacon technology should also be massively implemented this year – at least in the USA – to draw customers in with coupons or special offers on their mobile phones and encourage them to buy in the store.

Mobile commerce: M-payment not yet taking off

Another trend in mobile commerce is mobile payments. This hasn't taken off yet even in the United States, where Tim Cook declared 2015 the year of Apple Pay. One year after its introduction, only one percent of transactions in the US are made using the Apple payment system – even though a million retailers already support Apple Pay. Whether or not the breakthrough comes in 2016 remains to be seen, but the topic is once again high on the trend list this year.

Also interesting is the battle between the mobile web and apps. App use is primarily limited to major brands, according to studies. Not even a third of mobile sales are made via retailer apps. This trend will continue in 2016, according to Moovweb. The mobile web is gaining ground in mobile commerce. Wearables and the Internet of Things are also going to grow in importance. You can find an overview of Moovweb's seven 2016 mobile commerce trends again here .

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