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Meet the 26-year-old that helped raise over $100 million for ICOs

Christopher Obereder, serial entrepreneur, Forbes 30 under 30 winner and speaker at the CEBIT. He has been working in the app industry for many years and some of his apps have been doing extremely well.

28 May. 2018
Photo credit: 4GameChangers Event
Photo credit: 4GameChangers Event

Christopher Obereder primary strength, he admits, was always on the marketing side, and especially, the influencer aspect of marketing.

His method has involved partnering with famous celebrities including, Snoop Dog, Chris Brown, Skrillex, Kingbach and around 300 other mainstream influencers.

This strategy enabled Chris to get apps into the top charts with a relatively low user acquisition cost, and saw him pushing his own games into the Top 10 charts worldwide.

Christoph Obereder News2
Christopher Obereder while consulting tech firms in Silicon Valley

He moved to Silicon Valley for 2 years and had many of the large tech firms as clients. This eventually landed him on the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2017, after which he moved back to Germany.

Back in Germany, Chris started to become interested in the crypto space and was eager to build up an influencer network in this space as well. Luckily, he was early into the game, and was able to connect with many crypto legends, for instance, Roger Ver and John McAfee.

In November last year, Chris became the CMO of , an innovative trading platform for crypto. They were able to raise over $31 million for the ICO, which is an incredible success, making it into one of the Top 50 ICOs worldwide.

In February this year, Chris left and went on to advise a number of other large ICOs. As he controls one of the largest influencer networks in the crypto space with over 150 influencers, he has already managed to raise over $50 million this year for the ICOs he is advising. Additionally, he also has contacts to all major exchanges and can get listings on almost every platform besides Binance.

Chris was also able to learn how to do ads in this space the proper way. At first, most of the ads he was running did not seem to work in general. By now, he states, he has managed to structure ads in the ICO space, so that they effectively convert into funding.

Christoph Obereder News3
Christopher Obereder and the TV-TWO team winning the Crypto Conference ICO Pitch

Chris then started advising NAGA Group, which raised over $50 million in their ICO.

Additionally, he has also worked with Savedroid, whose ICO raised $40 million. Throughout this time, he was able to learn and test many different marketing strategies. In total Chris has advised over six ICOs already.

Currently, Chris has joined TV-TWO to push their ICO, which raised over $7.2 million within the first week. TV-TWO is a personalised video streaming app that allows people to earn crypto while watching TV. The platform is already functioning and partners like 20th Century Fox and Germany’s leading TV network RTL ll are already on board. TV-TWO, Chris states, has a fantastic use-case and enables advertisers to have better control over their spending. The platform ensures advertisers that their content has been viewed and that users are paying attention.

"Current TV advertising is flawed, because advertisers do not know how many people attentively watch their advertisement. This problem can be solved with TV-TWO"

By learning about viewer preferences and only showing relevant content, TV-TWO is overcoming issues with standard TV advertising, where most content is usually not relevant for the majority of the viewers.

Christoph Obereder News4
Chris with Andreas Antonopoulos, one of the world's foremost bitcoin influencers

At the CEBIT, Chris wants to share some of his marketing strategies and his main knowledges and skills throughout advising all of these ICOs.

"I believe we will see many ups and downs in the crypto market over the next years, however the general direction is definitely upwards," Chris concludes.

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