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Virtual Reality

Market researchers reduce sales expectations for VR games

Gamers are still hesitating. Sales projections for VR consoles and hardware have thus become much more cautious. The market for industry, services and healthcare looks better in contrast.

21 Dec. 2016
SuperData VR
Photo: SuperData Research

Gamers in particular will spend much less on virtual reality than anticipated a year ago, according to the corrected forecast by market research firm SuperData, which has identified VR as the "biggest loser" in this market segment. Before the launch of the PlayStation VR, the analysts had still been predicting sales of 2.6 million units by the end of 2016. They have now lowered the forecast to less than 750,000 units.

The expectations for Google Daydream have decreased somewhat less dramatically (from 450,000 to 261,000 units), and the market researchers have maintained their original projections for several other VR devices. The sales forecasts for the business usage of virtual reality in companies continue to look positive: Analysts at the US consulting firm Digi-Capital thus expect a sales potential of 120 billion US dollars by 2020, if VR applications find their way into industry, logistics, healthcare, retails and service.