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Interview with Mando Diao

In the middle of the '90s the Swede Björn Dixgård founded his first band. New members joined, and finally, in 1999 Mando Diao was created! In our Interview Björn told us, if he ever tried "digital detox" days and in which way Mando Diaos music has changed in recent years.

11 Jun. 2018
Mando Diao
Mando Diao
The editing in the computer is unbeatable

In the middle of the '90s the Swede Björn Dixgård (37) founded his first band, together with a keyboard-playing friend. New members joined, and finally, in 1999 Mando Diao was created! In the beginning, they were an inside tip, but in 1999 their hit "Dance with somebody" was an international chart topper, and from that time on Mando Diao has celebrated enormous successes. The group line-up changed a few times in the last few years, but founding member Björn is still part of the band – we talked to him:

In which way has your music changed in recent years?

We have alwaya picked up influences from different places, music we listen to, instruments, what ever. That changes the sound, and you can hear the changes from album to album, which is good because it keeps us fresh. I think musically speaking, it hasn't really changed fundamentally.

And has the way you do music changed? Do you use more technical things? Do you spend a lot of time in front of computers?

Computers of course are the age we live in and are a big part of how we record. The tools are incredible. But there is a charm and sound with vintage gear, so for us there's a combination of both. There is a vibe and sound of an old studio, a good location or a kick as an analogue piece of gear that you can't replace. But once it's in the computer the editing is unbeatable.

If you are on stage, do you still see lighters or just mobile phones?

Lighters? No one is allowed to smoke anymore, ha! Times are changing and it has made big changes in how the audience is. Look at how many pictures people take!

One of your songs was the melody of an E plus-advertisement. Can you imagine a world without mobile phones? Do you use one for social media things like instagram, facebook etc.?

Not really. I suppose we can't go back. The communication is too great. Of course we use some social media like everyone does, but also just the ability to play so much music and watch film and stuff when we travel is invaluable.

Have you ever tried 'digital detox' days? Would you like to do it?

Kind of. Every now and then taking a break is good. Get your head out of the screen. Everyone probably could use a break now and then.

About Mando Diao: The Swedish rock-pop-band Mando Diao was founded in 1999 in Borlänge. They have enjoyed most of their success in Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Japan. At the moment, Björn Dixgård, Carl-Johan Fogelklou, Jens Siverstedt, Daniel Haglund and Patrik Heikinpieti are the band's members.

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