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Artificial Intelligence

Making sure systems "do the right thing"

AI is fascinating but is not an end in itself. Developers are looking for ways to sensibly incorporate the technology.

13 Mar. 2017
Künstliche Intelligenz2

Modern learning algorithms, such as deep neural networks, are able to autonomously solve highly complex tasks – with nearly human precision. Up to this point, however, these intelligent algorithms are black boxes. No one knows why they make the decisions they do and why they at times fail.

With Transparent AI , the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich Hertz Institute, HHI in Hall 6 is presenting a general tool that allows users to follow complex learning processes. In interactive demos the Berlin researchers show which facial features a neural network uses to estimate a person's age, the strategies it employs to play Atari games, and how it can tell the difference between cats and dogs. It is an all-purpose tool that enables users to make sure that the AI is learning "the right thing" and that it behaves in unpredictable circumstances the way it should.

The core capability of 5Analytics (Hall 11) is the integration of artificial intelligence in business processes such as sales management and dynamic pricing. The company from Stuttgart was founded in 2015 with the firm belief "that data storage and analysis is not an end in itself but the necessary first step when optimizing an enterprise." According to 5Analytics "analytics and AI become especially valuable when they are an integral part of a company's business processes."

The company's core product, the 5Analytics AI Platform, makes it possible to execute complex statistical analyses and AI methods in real-time. Because it provides interfaces to many different applications and data sources such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM, it can be easily integrated into existing software landscapes. In addition to software, 5Analytics also provides consulting services. It received the bronze Stevie Award in 2016 in the "Tech Start-Up" category, and is a member of Wayra, Telefónica’'s start-up accelerator.

Using the example of Telefónica Deutschland, 5Analytics Managing Director Dr. Sebastian Klenk explains what AI is good for. The mobile phone service provider uses the software platform to give employees information and recommend action in real-time. "Before our software was introduced, data science and artificial intelligence models had to be laboriously recalculated manually at regular intervals. The results were saved manually every week or month on the interactive dashboards," says Klenk. "Now users can access the underlying models in real-time. This way Telefónica can recognize and react directly to the impact of events (such as social media posts online) on important processes (e.g. contract extensions) with no delay."