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Leave it to me – you have more important things to do!

Machines designed to look like humans and work side by side with people are certainly not just a fantasy anymore. Based in this year’s Partner Country Japan, the high-tech experts at Kawada Robotics are at CeBIT 2017 to unveil NEXTAGE – an innovation that shows just how far this field of technology has come.

13 Feb. 2017
Kawada Robotics Nextage

As we get older, our ideas about robots tend to change. Children expect to see friendly helpers in human form, while adults soon have to accept that the reality is usually rather different. In fact, the only robot feature that resembles our own appearance from a distance is often an arm that repeats the same pre-programmed sequence of movements day in and day out. This seems to have come as a disappointment to the engineers at Kawada, who have been developing robots that do more than just rekindle childhood fantasies – they also know how to put their humanoid-like forms to good use. This year, the Kawada Robotics Corporation is at CeBIT in Hannover with the première of NEXTAGE, its innovative range of robots equipped with heads.

All the way from this year’s Partner Country Japan, NEXTAGE marks a decisive step away from conventional industrial robots and similar specialist devices, instead providing partners that can truly collaborate with people. NEXTAGE liberates human workers from menial repetitive labor and allows them to focus on areas such as process management optimization, where real creativity is required to generate crucial added value.