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Artificial Intelligence

Julia Shaw Shows How Your Memory Can Be Hacked

We are what we remember. But did all events in our lives really happen as we recall them? Our memory can deceive us. And it is easy to manipulate. People can remember things that never happened – even crimes they have not committed.

02 Oct. 2017
Dr. Julia Shaw, psychologist

London-based psychologist Dr. Julia Shaw will speak about these kinds of memory hacks on Wednesday, June 13 at the CEBIT Artificial Intelligence Summit in Hall 27.

Her book, "The Memory Illusion" is an international bestseller and made her a celebrated shooting star. Shaw teaches us how to handle the flood of information. What is the memory basis for my decisions? How reliable is what I consider to be right? How can fake news influence our memory and our company? Does artificial intelligence supplement our memory or replace it?

Julia Shaw was born in Cologne in 1987 and grew up in Canada. She works as a scientist at University College London, and her research interests include forensic psychology, memory and artificial intelligence.

In 2017, Shaw founded a company in Silicon Valley that uses artificial intelligence to combat discrimination in business. It advises the police, military, justice and economy in German and English-speaking companies.

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