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Jan Delay - Nasal and Likeable

He just keeps changing. And he’ll keep on changing in the future. Jan Delay, whose real name is actually Jan Philipp Eissfeldt, likes to be described as the chameleon of hip hop.

12 Jun. 2018
Source: Tobias Kleinschmidt
Source: Tobias Kleinschmidt

But that doesn't do him justice by any means, for there's a lot of soul in him too. Funk. Rock. Reggae. Music, in fact. Without a pigeon hole. The Hamburg native has already re-invented himself several times over the course of his career. He founded his first band, the group Absolute Beginner, at the age of 15. They became stars of the hip hop scene with their album "Bambule" in 1998. A year later, Delay also made his breakthrough as a solo artist with his cover version of Nena's hit "Anyhow, Anywhere, Anytime". So just keep riding the same wave of success? Not the man with the unmistakable nasal voice!

Instead, he went back into the studio with the Beginners (they ditched the "Absolute" bit), which brought him his first number one in the charts. And then he reappeared with a soulful solo and a completely new style - suited and booted instead of a baseball cap and sloppy jumper. In 2009, he was even awarded the title "Most Stylish Man" by a German men's magazine. The "dandy look" has been Delay’s trademark for quite some time. In terms of music, in contrast, he keeps exploring new avenues. He once said he doesn't like genres. And he continued to rock in 2014 ("Hammer und Michel"). In 2016 - to the delight of his fans from the early days - he went back to hip hop. After a 13 year break from the band, "Beginner" released a new album ("Advanced History"). For some, perhaps, this closed a circle. For Delay, though, this circle became a spiral, where he reached new shores.

Jan Delay (born Jan Philip Eissfeldt, in 1976) is a member of the band Beginner, but he has also achieved success as a solo artist. Musical heroes of his childhood include Prince and Rio Reiser.

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